Feng Shui Kitchen Tips (Kitchen Colors, Layout & More)

A feng shui kitchen is vital for each and every home and that’s because a kitchen has got lot of fire energy associated with it. Now, it’s not a rocket science to know that only controlled fire is beneficial; an uncontrolled fire destroys anything and everything in its way; this even holds true for the “fire element” that kitchen has plenty of. This is one of the simplest – yes extremely important – reason to have a feng shui kitchen in a home.

Feng Shui Kitchen – What Is It?

To make you understand – in simple way – the meaning of feng shui kitchen, I want you to consider the words “feng shui” and “kitchen” separately and then I’ll combine both the terms.

Here’s what each of the term means:

Feng Shui: – It’s an ancient Chinese science of creating happiness and abundance by altering or modifying the movement of chi energy and by balancing the effect of elements and directions. You can read more about it @ Feng Shui. However, as per now, just understand that it’s the science that creates positivity and suppresses – or even destroys – negativity.

Kitchen: Kitchen is the place where healthy, nutritious and yummy food is cooked; the same food – once consumed – gives you and your family the energy and stamina for day-to-day chores. Furthermore, as said earlier, a kitchen has a lot of fire element involved and it’s always better to keep the “fire element” under control; this is why you must make it feng shui compliant.

Now, combine the two terms, i.e. “feng shui” and “kitchen”; what you’ll get is a feng shui kitchen; a kitchen that can – and has – all the ability in the world to ward off any – or all – negativity while, simultaneously, enhancing positive energy in your home. The same positive energy then spreads into your home making you and your family happier, healthier and optimistic and everything good that you can think of.

Hence, it’s important – and important I mean – to always have feng shui kitchen in your home.

Feng Shui Kitchen

Feng Shui Kitchen – How You Can Achieve It RIGHT NOW

Achieving a feng shui kitchen isn’t a herculean task; all you need to do is to read, understand and apply below mentioned kitchen tips (in dos and don’ts format) and you’re done in a jiffy.

So without any delay, let’s start learning kitchen tips.

Kitchen – 13 Tips You Must Follow

  1. Try to place the kitchen towards back door of the home.
  2. Keep the kitchen clean and uncluttered at all times.
  3. Keep the kitchen well lit and ventilated.
  4. Face east while cooking in kitchen.
  5. You can have windows in East or West walls of kitchen.
  6. Make sure to keep light weight things in East and North of kitchen.
  7. You can have a sink in North or North-East of kitchen.
  8. Keep the gas stove/burner a few inches away from wall.
  9. Keep at least 1-2 feet distance between stove/burner and kitchen sink. If there’s no option then place small plants (Available on Amazon US, INCA, UK, DE, ES, FR & IT), pot of herbs or something in green color between stove and sink. You can also place a green color decorative glass panel between stove and sink.
  10. Point 9 applies for refrigerators too; you must keep 1-2 feet distance between stove and refrigerator in kitchen.
  11. Repair all leaking taps and faucets in kitchen (or anywhere in your home) else that’ll drain away all money and wealth from the house.
  12. You can place a dining table in North-West or West of kitchen (if your kitchen is huge).
  13. Use yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red as floor and wall colors of kitchen.

Kitchen – 14 Things to Avoid

  1. Avoid placing kitchen near front door of home.
  2. Avoid a kitchen at center of home.
  3. Never have a kitchen under a toilet. More on toilets @ feng shui toilet.
  4. Avoid kitchen directly under a bedroom. More about bedroom @ feng shui bedroom.
  5. Avoid keeping soiled utensils and platform overnight.
  6. Never have a kitchen in North-West of home; if there’s no option then paint the kitchen in blue or black color or change the floor tiles to black color.
  7. Never place the stove directly in front of kitchen’s entrance door.
  8. Never ever in any case keep gas stove/burner in North-West of kitchen.
  9. Avoid kitchen door facing a bedroom, toilet or main door of your home; if there’s no option then place a partition or a sort of screen such that the stove isn’t visible from other doors.
  10. Always avoid keeping gas stove under a beam; if there’s no option then make a false ceiling to solve this defect. Another – simpler and cost effective – remedy is to place or hang images of clouds, flying birds or a rising hot air balloon on the beam.
  11. Make sure that the cook doesn’t have his/her back towards the door of kitchen; if there’s no option then place a mirror in such a way that the cook can see the kitchen’s door while cooking. However, make sure that the stove’s flames aren’t reflected in that mirror. More on mirrors @ Feng Shui Mirror Placement
  12. Make sure not to place kitchen’s entrance in any corners.
  13. Never face west while cooking in kitchen; this may – and in many cases has – lead to severe health problems to the cook.
  14. If the cook faces south while cooking then the family faces monetary losses.

These were all the general guidelines that you must follow to have a feng shui compliant kitchen in your home.

Furthermore, in my article that discusses the relationship between colors and feng shui @ feng shui colors, you’ll get direction wise defects and their remedies about kitchen; hence it’s a MUST READ article after you’ve finished reading this one.

As said earlier, all you – now – need to do is to apply above mentioned kitchen tips and I’m sure that you’ll feel and appreciate all the positive changes that’ll happen in your life.

And yes, once the food is cooked, it’s usually consumed in the dining room or dining area of the home; hence another must read article for you is about dining room @ feng shui dining room.

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  • gurprataap

    hei guys

    I cannot believe how this page only has 47 likes.. it should be 470000 at least

    anyways.. I have devoured your site completely

    how ever I have some questions

    can I use any compass like a phone compass or is fine hui compass better and how do I take a reading.. lets say bedrrom direction or toilet.. should I stand in the toilet or where. and where should I face…

    like what is the south west part of a home. how do I take its reading

    my prepare problem is my in ability to choose a career .. I am in a very comfortable boring computer job and I wanna change it and do something in the media and speaking

    also I have very hi sexual energy which I wanna tame and channelizs Nd not waste away

    how ever I think lot Nd sometimes lack confidence.. I think its because I sleep with be in front of a window which is covered altough.. should I put up a huge painting of mountains and block it or shift the bed little ahead

    I have also sent you an email

    • Hi Gurprataap,

      I’m extremely happy that you liked my website and the FB page.

      Now, coming to your questions:

      Yes, you can use any compass to know directions.

      Here are the steps to check directions:

      1. Stand at the entrance of your home as if you’re going outside.

      2. Check the direction that the compass is pointing to.

      The direction you got in the 2nd step is the facing of your
      home. Once you’ve got one direction, it’s very easy to get other (3 main and 4 sub) directions as well.

      Here are some examples:

      1. If the compass points to East then your left is North, right is south
      and west will be behind you.

      2. The corner where South and West meet will be the South-West part
      of the house.

      3. The corner where North and East meets will be the North-East
      part of the house;

      And so on!

      For the bed position, you can shift the bed a little bit so as
      to be away from the window behind you.

      Now, there are some more questions that you’ve asked in your
      previous comment (like career, sexual energy etc.); for that I’d request you to
      attach a rough sketch of your home with your next comment (please mark North
      direction in it) and I’ll be very happy to help you.

      All the help that I’m doing is completely voluntary.



      • gurprataap

        thankeww so much brother.. I already xcited to get my queries answered
        Is the entrance the main door after the small gate from which the guess first enters

        • Hi Gurprataap,

          I’m equally exited to help you out..

          From your comment it seems that you’re living in a house and not a flat .. if there’s a compound wall of the house then the main gate (of the compound) will have more preference than the main door (of the home); however, this, in no way means, that the main door’s value is nothing.
          Please send me a sketch of your home for further analysis and mark North direction on it…

          Feel free to ask further questions..


          • gurprataap

            This was urgent

            I had shifted bed ahead so as there was space for a skinny person to pass through behind it..

            However while doing that I broke the front frame where our feet lie.. ND I DON’T THINK SLEEPING ON A BROEKN BED WOULD BE GOOD..


            Or sleep in some other direction or where the window doesn’t come behind as in shift to the right side

            I will be making a chart and will send u.. I don’t have aacompass as of now

            Also about putting a mirror in front a lockrr

            CN we install small mirror inside the Almira CZ that is where the locker is

            And should wind chimes only be pagoda wind chimes s

            Also I am curious to know the big secrets of the ice and powerful like three pearls,, jade belts, water dragons… Please she’d some light on how a normal man in a normal house can use these…

            You are the treasure of Feng shut I must say

            • Hi Gurprataap,

              Sleeping on a broken bed is bad feng shui; yes, you can
              sleep on the floor.

              You can either have images of mountain on the window or you can reorient your sleeping direction. In case you’re changing sleeping direction then make sure not to keep your head in North side.

              Yes you can have a mirror in almira itself.

              The type of wind chime depends upon the remedy you want to rectify.

              The three pearls, jade belts, water dragons etc. are used to attract and enhance positivity and prosperity in a home. Anyone can use it based on their respective charts and house arrangements.


  • Jessie Greene

    Hi there, what is the cure when you’re cooking and faces west?

  • Hi Jessie,
    If the kitchen is in SE of the house then facing East while cooking is good. However, if the kitchen is in NW of the house then facing West while cooking is good.

    Feel free to ask further questions.


  • Dorothy

    Hi Admin,

    I would appreciate your advise. I recently got a house but the kitchen is situated at the Northwest corner and our bedroom is just above it. And the kitchen shared a wall with a toilet/bathroom. Our southwest corner is missing. Could you please advise me on the feng shui cures for these problems? Thank you.

    • Hi Dorothy,

      Thanks for dropping by on FengShuiPunidt.com.

      A bedroom above kitchen isn’t a good feng shui (as it’s like sleeping on fire).
      Here’re some simple steps that you can take:

      1. Move the bed such that it isn’t just above the gas stove.
      2. Place earthen color rug under the bed and use brown (earthen) color bed sheets and pillows.
      3. Place a mirror under the bed with mirror facing down.

      for missing SW you can place 4 pyramids (one each) in North, East, West and South of your home.

      Hope I was able to help you.


      • Dorothy

        Thank you, Admin, for your reply. I will do that. As for the pyramids, what kind of pyramids should I get? Should I get all 4 of the same kind?

        • You’re Welcome!
          You can get copper ones.

          • Dorothy

            Thank you for your prompt reply. I really appreciate the advice.

  • Shahl

    Hi.can you please advise me on the house we living in (own house) currently.The house is facing north. At ground floor, we had extended the south west portion of the house to build in kitchen. The stove was built in facing the south wall which means I be cooking facing the south and the washing sink and backyard door will be on my right. And above the kitchen (2nd floor) which is also extended portion, is our washing area where we placed our washing machine and drying clothes (the area is roofed and opening on the sides.) The kitchen connected to the dinning room. The dining room located at the south of the house.

  • Hi Shahl,

    Kitchen has a lot of fire element and SW means Earth; they both can’t go hand in hand and you need to balance them. I’d suggest you to read the feng shui colors article @ http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-colors/
    as that’ll help you to balance the elements..

    Also, since there’s an area that uses water (above the kitchen) I’d suggest you to make sure that nothing related to water comes above the gas stove in the kitchen.. dining room is South is acceptable..

    Feel free to ask further questions..


  • Yamile Garay

    My kitchen faces south could you told me how to remedies.

    • Hi Yamile,

      You should try not to face South while cooking in the kitchen.. if the entrance of the kitchen lies behind you while cooking the place a mirror such that you can see the entrance of the kitchen while you’re cooking.. also, please send me the layout of your home and mark North on it, that way it’ll be easier for me to assess the house..


      • Yamile Garay

        My main entrance face East and btw how can activate a cure.

        • Hi Yamile,

          Send me a sketch or layout of your home and mark North on it.. I’ll be more than happy to help..


  • Practical Curiosity

    I’ve been told for many years to place the stove facing South (meaning, the cook should have South). The 2nd preference is to face North, but not East or West. I was told the your shadow from the sun rise or sunset should not cast on the stove (not sure why). You strongly recommended the stove to face East. What does the stove direction mean (South, East, or any other direction)? Can you explain what is the logic/rationale or practicality of the stove facing a certain direction? Thank you!

  • Hi,
    Most of the principles are present such that we always get the best out of nature.
    Now, the best sun rays are of the morning time and when you’re facing East and cooking the sun rays would come towards you and even on the food and that’ll make it healthier.. that’s why it’s always preferred to have a window in the East wall of the kitchen..


  • Fread

    Hi Admin

    I would like to ask you about following sentence.
    “If the cook faces south while cooking then the family faces monetary losses.”

    my kitchen the stove located at south and faces south whenever is cooking how can activate a cure kindly see the attach picture for your reference.

  • Hi Fread,

    Cook something daily facing East (like rice or tea etc). Also I can see that while cooking the cook can’t see the entrance of the kitchen. Place a mirror such that the entrance of the kitchen is visible to the cook while cooking…


    • Fread

      Hi Admin
      Thanks for your reply, since my kitchen is just renovated and my stove location is fix in solid surface so that difficult to relocate, it is any other way to solve this problem intend of relocation stove.

  • Hi,

    You can take an induction cook top and place it such that the cook faces East while cooking. Also, I can see that there’s rice cooker there facing East; that should work too!


  • Hi Alex,
    Please refer the article @ http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-bathroom/


  • Hi Alex,

    Send me a layout of the house with North marked on it. I’d be more than happy to help you!


  • Kenneth

    Hi, what do you do when you have a kitchen located directly below a bathroom? Tnx

  • Have replied!

  • Tori

    What other option do I have if I can’t face East while cooking in the kitchen ?

  • Linus Sally

    Hi, what’s the remedy for a kitchen in the middle of the house? Thanks!!

  • https://fengshuiforyourhome.wordpress.com/lesson-5/ (please refer “Kitchen Position in the home” section)

  • Where’s the kitchen located in the house? South-East or North-West?

  • Erica Freeman

    Am I correct in thinking you are using direction (N,S,E,W) in your practice as opposed to a Bagua map? I get confused as to which one I should use.

  • Edward

    Hi there if my kitchen basin is facing the entrance is it ok?

  • yes

  • Hi,

    That’s ok. just make sure that there’s a small partition such that the basin isn’t directly visible from the door.


  • Candice Rouse

    Hello, my kitchen is in the Position, under a bedroom and ensuite. The stove is in the Northwest position and I have my back to the kitchen entry when cooking. I’m unable to change floor colours but should I repsint the wall above stove to charcoal? What else should I do the kitchen feels very white and clinical at times. I have a large bamboo plant behind sink

  • vipin vashisht

    Hello there,
    My stove is not directly facing kitchen entrance but it is just slightly left to the entrance part so its completely visible from entrance. What should i do?
    Also my kitchen is in east and entrance from west. Again what should i do? Please advise

  • Hi Vipin,

    Send me a layout of the house (with North marked). That way it’ll be better for me to assess the home.


  • sukhoi1027

    Out of the 14 points mentioned in the “Things to Avoid ” section, points 1, 6,7,8 are applicable to my home. Could you please suggest some solution ? Also the kitchen shares a wall with a toilet. Please advise. Thanks.

  • Hi Candice,

    First of all you need to identify the direction your kitchen is located in and then apply feng shui remedies as per that direction.

    If you’re unable to change the kitchen color then no problem, you can get kitchen items such as a dinner set or a tea set of appropriate color and keep it in the kitchen..

    Here’s the link that’ll help you choose the best colors for the kitchen as per direction.. http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-colors/

    Feel free to ask further questions


  • Hi

    1. If you can’t move the kitchen then place a partition or curtain such that the kitchen isn’t visible from entrance.

    6. Repaint the kitchen or bring in some items of appropriate colors.

    7 and 8 move the gas stove a bit.


  • Mali Min

    Hi, I have been searching the net for a remedy fora situation
    I have found lots of Dos and Donts but no remedy.
    I am sharing a flat with a lady who owns the flat.
    The Kitchen stove (4 burners) face the toilet directly (the sink and toilet bowl face the stove!) She often keeps the seat cover up and door open, i keep closing it

    I need to be very tactful of course on how to relay to her to keep the toilet seat covered and door closed. Is there any other remedy? I cant use any ‘dieties’ or statues as she has forbidden that due to her religion. Will plants help?
    Plants or crystals might be okay with her . Thank you.

  • Pooja Tibrewal

    Hi my kitchen is located between SE AND SW ROOMS..kitchen entrance is from West side…I want to take out one more door in the east side..so that I can put dining table in SE side of the kitchen..can I have two doors in the kitchen

  • Hi,

    If possible the hang a curtain or create some sort of partition.


  • Hi,

    I think that should be fine.. send me a layout of your home with North marked on it and I’ll be more than happy to help you…

  • Gerodita Hanøy

    Hi, my kitchen is situated on the Northeast side of the house. I face west when I cook. You said that it gives severe health problems, what remedy should I do to correct it. I appreciate your answer. Thank you

  • Jezebel Santos

    Hi,is it ok to put my fridge beside bathroom?
    And facing kitchen entrance?

  • Char Martin

    what do I do about a west facing stove???

  • Hi,

    The first thing that you need to make sure is to balance the elements in the kitchen. Since the kitchen in your home is in NE, you need to make sure to have more of Earth element there. Try putting more of brown, yellow or pink color in the kitchen. Do get a local feng shui expert to help you plan on balancing elements there..


    • Gerodita Hanøy

      Thank you for your reply. My kitchen cabinets are made of oak, my curtain has a combination of yellow, green and orange colors with fruit prints in it. Is it okey?

  • That should be ok.. is the bathroom door facing the kitchen’s door?

  • If possible then reorient it such that the cook faces East.

  • Ok. But you may need to make changes to the colors in your kitchen. I’d still suggest to get a local feng shui expert visit your place once.

  • Dana Dark

    Help! I just moved into my new rental place and then main and only entrance is into the kitchen right directly aligned with the stove, It’s also too small to put up a divider. I’m trying really hard to bring positive energies around me – how do I fix this? Since I’m renting, I’m not going to be able to start tearing down the kitchen and redo it. Their has to be something. I actually have two entrance. When you see my garage apartment there is a door. You open it then go up the stairs to another door to the left then that door goes right into the kitchen as a main entrance to my whole apartment.

    • Hi Dana,

      Please send me a layout of the house with North marked.


  • Rekha

    Hi….I need your help….
    we (me, husband and 2kids)are staying in our new flat since sep 2016.but for the lat 2 to 3..months my husband is not feeling well…i mean mentally he is not happy…so i just want to know as per feng shui is everything ok in this apartment…i am attaching the plan…pls note that we dont have a balcony as shown in the pic…also sofa nd beds are not arranged as per pic(diff direction) …the right side(living…kitchen) is east side…https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/763fff38da2f021486f932686aaad68f4f6c02cf1bda5c802f3e1b5f40238f99.jpg

  • Hi Rekha,

    Please mark North in the layout. I know, you’ve written about the direction in the comment; yet it leaves a sense of doubt.



  • Lívia Silva

    I live in a studio apartment and the front door opens to the kitchen (it also faces the elevator). Is there anything that can be done on this case?

  • Hi Rekha,

    The house looks good to me as per vastu shastra. Just don’t use that toilet in NE of the house..

    Also place 4 pyramids (one each) in North, East, West and South of the house (a remedy for NE cut).. do get help from a local vastu expert while applying remedies.


  • Have replied

  • Send me a sketch of it with North marked

  • have replied

  • Hi,

    I can see that there’s a bedroom in NE of the house and a kitchen in SW. I can guess that there’s a bit of financial trouble that you’re going through. Also, there seems to be very low stability in life. Mental tension, confusion etc. seem to bother you.

    If you’re married then probably there’s no sexual life. If you’re a girl and looking for a life partner then you’re not getting one.

    Do let me know what all is correct in my analysis. After that we’ll discuss about the remedies invilved.


  • Have replied

  • Hi,

    please send me the layout I’ll be more than happy to help you.


  • Hi Lisa,

    Try to place the stove such that it’s not under the W/C of the toilet above.

    You can place another stove (such as an induction cook top) such that you face East while cooking.


  • Hi JJ,

    Do you mean that the door on the right of the image is the main entrance of the house and the platform is where the stove will come?

  • Hi Sohail,

    You can send me a layout right here. Please mark North on it.


  • Which side is the kitchen SE or NW? You can face West in NW kitchen

  • Hi,

    I can see that there’s a toilet in SE and South of the house.. Do apply the remedies mentioned @ http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-bathroom/

    Also, the kitchen seems to be located in South-SW of the house.. apply the remedies mentioned in this very same article.

    Do get help from a local feng shui expert while applying feng shui remedies and interior planning.