Feng Shui Mirror Placement (Here’s How To Place Mirrors In Your Home)

A mirror is one of the easiest – yet extremely powerful – to use tools; but a mirror isn’t inherently auspicious; it’s the placement of the mirror that can – and really does – makes it auspicious or inauspicious. This is a – huge – reason why feng shui mirror placement is considered vital amongst all experts.

As per feng shui, mirror represents water element and Qi energy can be collected or pooled with water; this ability of a mirror makes it an awesome and extremely powerful abundance enhancing and prosperity attracting tool.

Here, I assume that you’re completely aware of concept of Qi energy; if – by any chance – you aren’t then please read the article @ feng shui – what, why & how.

So without any delay, let’s start learning what to do and what to avoid when it comes to feng shui mirror placement.

Feng Shui Mirror Placement

Feng Shui Mirror Placement – Why and How To Do It

As said earlier that a mirror is abundance enhancing and prosperity attracting tool, but it can – and really does – works perfectly in negative side too; it can – if placed incorrectly – destroy happiness, love, wealth and prosperity from anyone’s life.

Since a mirror has the ability to double-up whatever is in front, it can attract negative and positive energy with the same efficiency and influence. Hence, placing a mirror correctly is important and feng shui mirror placement does just that.

So, here are mirror placement tips (do’s and don’ts format)

Mirror Placement – What to Follow

  1. Go for square or rectangular shaped mirror (Available on Amazon US, INCA, UK, DE, ES, FR & IT); they are considered best.
  2. Place mirror, reflective glass items or showpieces it North or East side.
  3. Always hang mirrors at least 4-5 feet above the floor.
  4. Keep mirror and reflective glass objects clean at all times.
  5. Always make sure that mirror shows a clear picture or reflection of anyone standing in front.
  6. A mirror that reflects dining table symbolizes abundance of food and invites prosperity.
  7. If there’s a cut in any corner of your home then hang two mirrors such that they reflect towards the cut corner (this must be done by a feng shui expert).
  8. Reflect the beautiful landscape outside your window by placing a mirror opposite to that window. This brings in positive energy and harmony.
  9. Place a mirror in front of cash locker to increase wealth. More on attracting wealth @ feng shui wealth tips.
  10. If the main door or entrance of your home opens in a small foyer, then hang a mirror such that it virtually broadens the space. Just make sure not to place the mirror right in front of entrance as that’ll send any positive energy out of your home.
  11. If the cook – in kitchen – has his/her back towards kitchen door then place a mirror/reflective tiles/reflective item such that he/she can see the door of kitchen. Just make sure that gas stove/burner flames aren’t reflected in mirror/reflective tiles/reflective item. More about kitchen @ feng shui kitchen
  12. A square – sharped edged – pillar in a home is a huge feng shui defect; a simple remedy is to cover the pillar with mirrors; however, keep in mind that none of the mirrors reflect another mirror, a door, poison arrow, a TV screen or anything negative.
  13. Always hang mirror flat against the wall and not leaning forward.
  14. Make sure to cover the TV screen once the TV is off as the screen becomes a sort of mirror.

Mirror Placement – What to Avoid

  1. Don’t buy oval, round or other irregular shaped mirrors; until unless prescribed by an expert feng shui consultant.
  2. Avoid using unframed mirror.
  3. Avoid placing mirror on South wall. South is fire and mirror represents water.
  4. No mirror behind sofa or bed.
  5. Avoid mirror, reflective glass or any shiny item in front of house entrance as that’ll shoo away positive energy. Also ensure that the main door is feng shui compliant; know more about it @ how to make the main door feng shui compliant one.
  6. A mirror reflecting bed is a strict no.
  7. Avoid mirrors reflecting any door of home; i.e. while standing at any door you must not be able to see yourself in mirror.
  8. Avoid a mirror placement that reflects flames of gas stove/burner in kitchen. More on kitchen @ feng shui kitchen.
  9. Avoid mirrors that reflect clutter, dirty drains, dustbins, toilet seats, poison arrows, and sharp corners from furniture/walls or anything negative.
  10. Avoid hanging mirror at heights that shows the tallest member of home with head cut.
  11. Avoid keeping broken, rusted, soiled, dirty, unusable, antique mirrors at home.
  12. Avoid placing two mirrors facing each other; it causes displeasure and attracts distress.
  13. Never hang mirror in narrow passages or at hallway ends; it attracts negative energy.
  14. Avoid transparent glass window panes and doors; keep them translucent.
  15. Avoid a mirror in bedroom; however, if there’s one, then it mustn’t reflect any body part else that body part will develop medical trouble or a third person will enter your relationship. As a remedy, cover the mirror while lying on bed.
  16. Avoid mirror in bathroom; however, if you can’t, then never keep it in dark. You can have it on outside of bathroom doors.
  17. Kids lose concentration in studies if there’s a mirror near study table; hence avoid it.
  18. A mirror on West wall in kid’s bedroom keeps them busy in influencing opposite gender people; hence avoid this too.
  19. Avoid mirrors at staircase as they’ll cut either the head or feet. Staircases are very important part of a home and there’s a high degree of importance given to stairs in feng shui; you can – and must – read the article @ what feng shui says about stairs to make the staircase in your home a feng shui compliant one.
  20. Avoid mirrored tiles and ceilings as they’ll distort your image.

And that’s pretty much to it when it comes to feng shui mirror placement. Following above mentioned mirror placement tips will ensure that all the mirrors in your home or office are attracting and enhancing positive energy around you and your loved ones.

Furthermore, this’ll also ensure that you always have plenty and more of prosperity, abundance, wealth and happiness in your life.

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  • Vinni

    Hi we just shifted to a flat on 7th floor , the main door is north faceing , n going out side we face the window , the glass window is oposite the main door
    Is it good if i place a mirror on the east wall of the main door.. So that if anyone comes from the lobby can see their self first before entering our house plz suggest !!
    Will be a great help

  • Hi Vinni,

    Please draw a sketch of the setup you’ve mentioned above. It’ll really help to understand the situation better. Mark North direction on the sketch.


  • Bibie Anna


    hi.. i need ur help.. please help me to arrange my bedroom for love and relation ship feng shui

  • Hi Bibie,

    Thanks for dropping by on FengShuiPundit.com

    I can see that there’s a wardrobe with mirrors opposite to the bed.. Try to cover those mirrors while you’re lying or sleeping on bed so as to prevent reflection of yourself in the mirror.

    Also make sure there’s no beam above the bed.

    Because of the “small wall” near the entrance of the room, you won’t be able to see who’s entering the room and that’s not a good position to sleep as per feng shui.. try to arrange the bed such that you can see the entrance (but you’re not in direct alignment with the entrance of the room)

    More on bedroom feng shui @ http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-bedroom/

    and about feng shui love @ http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-love/

    Feel free to ask further questions.


  • Noza Bostali

    I was searching about all this out of curiosity, but now I thing I have more knowledge and your site helped me make sense of colors and placements and maps. This is more like balancing with nature and bringing its colors and light into to our living space. I don’t think of it as religion as before I use to think. Your site is very organized and have so much information layed put so well.
    I really want to fix one issue in my home. I have this layout and I would like to understand if it is good or not and if there is anything I have to do to make it better, and I have mirror capturing my whole bed and it’s shaped to cut off below knee on one side and above shoulder on the other, do you think I could paint it to white or beige and cover the mirror permanently???
    Please help!

    • Hi Noza,

      I really thank you for liking my website.

      You can cover the mirror via cloth while you’re lying (or sleeping) on the bed. The whole point is that none of the body part should be reflected in the mirror while someone’s sleeping on bed.


      • Noza Bostali

        Thank you very much for quick reply.
        I am also building a has and just now started with drawings and giving hand sketch to architect. I am very excited I came to know about feng shui at the right time and now I can do this the right way:)
        Please advice what is the best room to place in wealth area?
        Can I put a kitchen in the marriage corner?
        Where shall I place the toilet best?
        I highly appreciate your time and effort helping us all in this website.

  • aarti

    Hello Sir,

    I am new to this topic and have developed a genuine interest for Fengshui. I am following western bagua map and as per it we have kitchen in NW and their is a master bedroom door in front of the stove. We live in an apartment( 2b/2bth), in this case which cure you would suggest me. Also the Love relationship area is little missing and the children creativity area in coming in Bathroom.

    Career area is in North, Kitchen in NW, children creativity area in W, Love relationship in our master bedroom but their is some missing area to it due to our floor plan, wisdom area too in bathroom. At South east I have placed our temple which is our Wealth abundance area. Require your valuable suggestion to boost my husband’s career, financial stability and beautiful relationship between us.

    In below floor plan the kitchen/master bed is showing on left is showing on left instead in actual case it is vice a versa.

  • Unicorns91


    This is the layout of my room.

    Please assist. Thanks

    • If you can then place the bed in the SW of the room. Try to place mirror in North or East walls.

  • Hi Aarti,

    Please mark North in the layout of the house; that way I’ll be in a better position to assess the house.


    • aarti

      Hello Sir,
      I am following BTB Bagua map and following it, our entrance is North. Also, I would like to know, which cure should I use for the toilet seat if is in front of the mirror.

      Thank you.

  • Ace Cimafranca


    We have a small space and the mirrors were hung on the northeast wall. The view opposite is the kitchen with the house’s (only) small narrow windows. Also, the door on the other side is our main entrance but it’s not directly aligned with the mirror.

    I would like to know if this mirror placement okay?


  • Ace Cimafranca


    Need help please. Here’s the layout. Our house is loft type.

    Kitchen is on a raised platform about 5. Inches high.


  • Ace Cimafranca


  • Have I marked the North correctly?

    • aarti


  • Hi,

    That looks good to me.


  • Hi Ace,

    For the kitchen in SW please refer the articles @ http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-kitchen/
    and @ http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-colors/

    For toilets in the house refer the article @ http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-bathroom/ and the colors article above..

    Feel free to ask further questions..


  • Have replied!


  • Hi Aarti,

    For NW kitchen you can refer the article @ http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-colors/
    and @ http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-kitchen/

    For the toilet seat in front of mirror, try to keep the lid of the toilet closed at all times. Also, if you can place some sort of partition between the two then it’ll be really good.

    Try to keep the temple towards North or East or NE of the house and make sure neither you nor God face South while you pray.

    Bedroom in SW is really good.

    Do let me know if you’re facing any troubles in life.

    Also, try to face West in NW kitchen while cooking


  • Elle

    Mirrors and Windows?

    I have a full length double mirror in my home office. I cannot cover it. It reflects my desk but i have nowhere else to place my desk where it does not reflect it, however i am not facing the mirror it is to the left of my desk and chair. Is there something i can do to improve the problem. I also have a window behind me at the desk and no room to place a plant or artwork as it is a full wall window and small room, i have thick red draps as it is also my fame bagua, is there anything else i can do to improve this problem? Also, moving my desk means my back is facing the door.

  • Hi Elle,

    You can cover the mirror with a cloth or paper. Red drapes are good, you may need not do anything more on that aspect.


  • Harvinder anand

    hey i have a big mirror on my south wall of my living room. shall i remove it and place it on east or north wall.

  • Hi Harvinder,

    Yes. East or North both are good to place mirrors.


  • Hi Priti,

    Make sure that the almira (with cash and other valuables) opens towards North. A mirror reflecting money etc. is a good thing.


  • chamois posso

    My boyfriend has a free standing mirror that he has had with him as a child. We live in a very small apartment and placing it in the bedroom is the only solution. We have two mirrors extra in the bedroom – they are on the closet doors – glued on to them and facing our bed in paralell to the bed. I cover them at night.

    On the opposite of the mirrors from the closet doors is the double doors for the balcony in the east/northeast. The bedroom is also – to make things worse – painted in baby blue and the bedroom is in north with woodenfloors.

    (The bed is having the head towards the north and we have a view over the door entering in west part of bedroom)

    The free standing mirror is of sixties design – oval and in a white cylindric container and inside of it, the mirror is leaning slightly backwards.

    How can I use this mirror, there is no place in the apartment where I can put it without it reflecting a door. The only thing I can think about is to put it next to the balcony doors – reflecting the light from outside inwards the bedroom but not the bed.

  • Mat

    Hi there, VERY interesting article! Would you say placing a mirror
    behind a writing desk is a good option? It would hang on a north wall.
    My back would face the mirror, I would be sitting directly at the wall
    where the mirror is. The mirror would reflect a wall with a picuture
    (directly opposite the mirror) and a southward nice view thru windows.
    The 2nd option is to place it opposite my desk, it would be an eyecather
    when entering the room, however would not directly hang opposite the
    door (actually between two windows on south wall; I would hang the pic
    then on the north wall, behind my chair). Many thanks in advance for
    your opinion. Have a great day!

  • Hi,

    Try to reorient the bed such that the head isn’t in the North. It’s a good thing that you’re covering the mirrors while sleeping. Balcony in East/NE is a good thing to have. You can place that old mirror such that it reflects the outside into your bedroom. This symbolizes that the outside beauty of the world is now in your bedroom and it’ll make it fresher. Also having plenty of sunlight in that bedroom is a must as it’s painted blue.


  • Hi Mat,

    A mirror behind isn’t a very good option. A solid wall behind symbolizes support and a mirror represents water element. Hence it’s not a good idea. Yes, you can hang mirrors in North and East walls. However, if while working, you are not reflected in the mirror then it’s acceptable.


  • Tanya

    Hello there – really loving your site and knowledge, thank you.

    I have a large, full height of the wall, stone (disused) fireplace in the east of my dining/living area, and that is the only place the dining table can go. The height of the top of the fireplace is too high for a mirror. In your opinion, it ok to fit a mirror inside the fireplace? Here, it is at waist height and only the dining table is the only thing visible in it. Unfortunately, there is no other wall where a mirror could be placed in this room, and I’d really like to have a mirror reflecting the dining table.
    Many thanks in advance for any advice you can give.
    Kind regards.

    • Hi Tanya,

      Mirrors represent water element and placing it in a fire place may not be such a good idea. However, if you are’nt planing to use the fire place at all then it can be considered.


      • Tanya

        Thank you so much. There’s no fireplace, it’s just a large open space, so I will hang one in there.
        Much appreciated 🙂

  • Rover

    I am living in a studio apartment. Entrance door on East side with adjacent entrance on South to a passage. West wall is occupied entirely by window. Here is my placement of main room property :-
    South wall- big mirror 5ft by 3ft in the middle, can’t remove it, please suggest the remedy. Everything opposite to it can be seen from different angles.
    What can I hang opposite to it on North wall.
    North East/ North wall- 6ft by 3ft bed, that is visible in mirror. Placing my head towards east. I can choose to cover the mirror at night.
    Is it a good position to keep my bed.
    Study Table: I am confuse where to keep it. 1.South West corner,facing the west window & entrance door behind. Or can take it to little centre of West wall.
    2.Facing the south wall,near West window.
    3.North wall: facing the wall, in line with bed. Mirror behind me.
    4.Northwest: facing Noth wall, South wall behind me.
    Or tell me the basics of keeping it.

  • Anamika Srivastava

    I stay in rented apartment and before bathroom in vanity I have two mirrors facing each other. One is in north wall and other in south wall. I cannot take out as its rental. What is the remedy ?

    • Hi Anamika,

      Cover the mirror on the South wall with cloth or paper.


      • Anamika Srivastava

        Thanks for your reply. I would stick some poster or fabric to it. But can you tell what are the things which I should not put as it will be reflecting or seen in the mirror opposite to it. Can you as well tell what type of pictures is good to be reflected.

  • Hi Megha,

    Send me a sketch of your apartment and mark North on it. I’ll be more than happy to help you.

    BTW, since you’re talking about the study table, I must ask you if you’re a student or a working professional?


    • Rover
    • Rover

      Please find the attachment for my room layout. It’s 1 room kitchen apartment. I have rearranged it. I guess the only placement issue is of bed. I can’t move It anywhere else. Please tell me the remedy as it is sharing wall with washroom & very close to entrance Gate.
      Bed height is 3 ft.
      I am a working professional. I m into performing art, inclined to creative work & I love traveling.
      Your advice is appreciated & welcome.

  • Pratibha

    Hi have a bathroom in southwest part of house.. this is an ensuite which opens into the bedroom. In order to improve the qi from draining away it is suggested to place mirror on the outside of the bathroom door. Yet if we do this it will be at the same level as the head of the bed (although the bed is approx 2 feet high and the height of the mirror if placed on the door would be 4 or 5 feet high). What is the best thing to do…this is a bit of a dilemma

    • Hi Pratibha,

      First a bathroom in SW isn’t good as per feng shui and vastu shastra. You can apply feng shui remedies to counter the SW bathroom.. remedies are @ http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-bathroom/ .. while lying on the bed, none of the body part should be visible in the mirror.. if it’s like this then there’s nothing to be done, however, if the mirror reflects the bed or a part of it, then you can cover the mirror while using the bed..


  • Angel

    Is it ok to place mirrors as feature wall on the part marked yellow? I intend to place a plant at close to the centre (interaction of blue lines). Will this remedy the bad placement of mirrow in part South of the wall?

    Apprecise your early advice. Thank you


  • Anamika Srivastava

    Thanks for your reply. I would stick some poster or fabric to it. But can you tell what are the things which I should not put as it will be reflecting or seen in the mirror opposite to it. Can you as well tell what type of pictures is good to be reflected.

  • Yolanda Cuesta


    I live in a flat and my bathrooms are next to one another in the east area. I have been told that I should put 2 concave bagua mirrors over or on each door because we have heart and lung problems but I have heard that you should never use bagua mirrors inside a house because it is dangerous. What can I do?

  • Anything that’s positive is a good thing for example a beautiful landscape..

    Negatives are to be avoided e.g. crying girl, sad girl, war pics, pics that depict loneliness etc.

    • Anamika Srivastava


  • The mirror should be placed on North or West wall. Also make sure that none of the body part is reflected in the mirror while someone’s using the couch.


  • Have replied!

    • Anamika Srivastava


  • Hi Yolanda,

    Send me a sketch of your home and mark North on it; I’ll be more than happy to help you.


  • Jane

    I am pending purchasing a pair of Art Deco mirrors, one slightly smaller than the other. The larger looks fab above my sideboard in dining room area on a SW wall with French doors to the side leading to the garden. I am thinking about hanging the other mirror opposite on a NE wall, the dining table & chairs will be in the centre. What are your thoughts on mirror’s facing each other please?

  • Paolo Ledesma


    We have a small place and an open concept. Basically, you can see everything when you open the front door – the living area, then the dining area, and kitchen. The refrigerator is at the back far end of the house but it’s still facing and almost alligned to the front door (say 1/4 of the refrigerator is alligned to or in front of the main door). We are planning to get a new refrigerator with a tempered glass and mirrior like design. Is that going to be a problem? If so, what can we do?

  • bgee

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/9b3449549c84eb6653a8e9a32f542e4bc9c953b9cba8829e06f43d3ef76be073.jpg Hello. I live in a large studio apt. I dont have many choices of where to put my bed. Can you tell me if my bed and the mirror on wall next to my bed is ok?

  • Charlene


    We have a north facing living room/diner, the window is a large floor to ceiling one only on one side which is on the right hand side of the North wall looking out onto the street. I’d like to put a mirror in this room and was going to put it on the opposite wall reflecting the dining table but I’m unsure if this would be good or not. Would you mind advising if you have a moment. Thank you so much.

  • Linus Sally

    I’m completely devouring your website!! Love all the info! I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to have a mirror backsplash in the kitchen. The stove is at the east of kitchen, and cook backs to the kitchen entrance. However, the mirror will have the cook’s head cut off due to the range hood. Can you let me know if that’s still ok? Thanks so much.

  • Daniel Tan

    If my sofa is not place against a wall. What can I do improve the fengshui?

    • Hi Daniel,

      If the sofa isn’t placed against the wall then what’s behind the sofa in your home?


  • Hi Linus,

    Thanks for loving my website.

    Please refrain from putting such mirrors as they are not considered auspicious..


    • Linus Sally

      Thank you so much Feng Shui Pundit! In the article you pointed me to in response to my other question, https://fengshuiforyourhome.wordpress.com/lesson-5/, it talked about a mirror backsplash also. Can you clarify when it is fine to use mirror as backsplash and when it is not? Thank you in advance!!

  • Hi Charlene,

    The window is on the right of the North wall i.e the window is on the East wall and you’re trying to put a mirror on West wall. As per feng shui a mirror on West wall should be avoided as West is Metal and Mirror is water (more on this @ http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-colors/)


  • Hi,

    If, while lying on the bed, none of your body part is reflected in the mirror then it’s ok.


  • Hi Paolo,

    I don’t think that it should be a problem. Yes, make sure that you place the mirror like refrigerator as per feng shui rules.


    • Paolo Ledesma

      The mirror like refrigerator will be facing and will almost be alligned to the front door (say 1/4 of the refrigerator is alligned to or in front of the main door). If it’s bad, what should we do given that we do not have enough space to transfer the ref?

  • Hi Rover,

    Place a partition such that the bed is blocked from the main door.


  • Have replied!

  • You’re welcome!

  • You’re welcome!

    A mirror back-splash is can be used when the kitchen is too small and you want to make it look big. Just make sure that the stove (and it’s flames) aren’t reflected in the back-splash. Also, get the help of a local feng shui consultant while applying the back-splash so that all feng shui rules are covered.


  • Hi Jane,

    Placing mirror on SW wall isn’t a very good feng shui as mirrors represent the water element and SW is earth element. The article @ http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-colors/ will help you understand relation between elements and direction.

    Placing mirrors opposite to each other can be a tricky thing as they may create nervous energy. However, in certain cases it can be done wisely. Do take help of a local feng shui expert while mirror placement as mirrors are considered extremely powerful tools in feng shui and must be placed wisely.

    Feel free to ask further questions.


  • IslandCouple

    So glad I found your site. Renting a house with an enormous mirror in entry (owner placed it to cover a stairway to lower level after splitting house into units) directly facing front door…not an option to remove or cover it. What can we do to keep energy from bouncing back out. Also front door is antique wooden door, very heavy, which tends to stick, any suggestions to facilitate smoother energy transitions? Thank you.

    • If possible you can place something in front of the mirror such that it’s covered or unseen. wooden doors are good. however, there should not be creaking noise while opening and closing it.

  • Absy Babsy

    I have a table top (vanity) mirror that was my mom’s. It’s oval. I really don’t want to get rid of it. Is there somewhere I can put it that would be beneficial?
    I also have a tray in my room that I keep perfume on. The bottom is mirrired. Is that a problem?

  • Dawn D’Alessio

    I have a frameless, oval mirror that I’d like to keep. Would it work if I hang it inside of a rectangular picture frame?

    I also have a full length mirror I was going to hang on the landing at the top of my staircase (north wall) but that would face the staircase. The alternatives would be Easy or West.

    Thank you!

  • That shouldn’t be a problem as long as it doesn’t reflect anybody’s body part while laying on the bed etc. the tray should be fine too, else for the tray you can place a cloth on it and then put your perfumes..


  • Lor Lorlor

    Hello! I’m so confused. My small apartment fits in the shape of the bagua. The center squares of the bagua map (career, health and fame) are my dining and living rooms). I would like to hang a mirror at the North wall, above a buffet server, next to my round dining table. However, right across the dining room is the living room facing South and the entire South wall is a floor-to-ceiling glass three-panel wall framed with metal and obstructed views to the bay. Can I hang the mirror on the North wall even though it faces the ocean? I’m trying to enhance my career opps. Thanks for the help!

  • Hi Dawn,

    Placing oval mirror inside of a rectangular frame will leave some of the space inside the frame.. try to fill that space creatively.. hanging a mirror in East wall is good..


  • PiggyOng Pop


    I will like to have some advice on the following location (Highlighter In Yellow) whether is it suit to place the mirror cupboard there in my living room

  • Kai

    I have a rectangular long mirror in my bedroom and its hang on the wall behind the room door. Is that ok?

  • Lorena Loshini

    Thank you very much for this article and taking the time to explain.

    If I’m a kua 8 and North and East aren’t auspicious directions for me then where will i be able to hang a mirror?

    Hope to hear from you.
    Thank you again so much

  • cc

    My house main door is right beside my sliding door. Is it ok if my mirror is facing sliding door? It would be rare to use the sliding door unless moving big things or cleaning purpose.

  • cc

    delete for same multiple posting

  • Yes, you can hang a mirror there. just make sure that all that doesn’t created chaotic energy. Do get help of a local feng shui consultant in case of doubts..


  • If the mirror hangs on North or East wall then it’s fine.

  • ok

  • sukhoi1027

    Is it ok to keep a mirror at the wall perpendicular to the entrance door while the mirror reflects the open balcony area of the house ? Thanks

  • Lorena Loshini


    If my kua number is 8 then where would the best location be to hang a mirror?

    Thank you in advance

  • Hi,

    Which side is North in the layout?


  • That should be ok .. just make sure that the mirror isn’t hanged on North or East wall

    • cc

      hi, the position of mirror must at north or east or the mirror must be facing north or east?

  • NE should be good for you

  • Have replied

  • That should be ok if the mirror ain’t on North or East walls. Get help from a local feng shui guy to place the mirror appropriately for you


  • You’re welcome!

  • Amey Padave

    Hi, thank you for the information..I am totally co fused about placing the mirror..I recently renovated my house. My problem is my main door falls in northeast direction (more on East side). My house is rectangular in shape and north side& East side are two ends of my wall.. I do not have place to keep the mirror apart from the main living room..Kindly help me

  • adele

    how do I not attract dis stress when having mirrors facing each other.

  • Andreea Ioana Barcaru

    Hi, I would like to ask few question. I’ve been fascinated about this method since I can remember, but the more I read, the more confused I am; why?

    * some Feng Shui architects say that Feng Shui have nothing to do with colors, candles, pair of ducks or other element used, but with energies that the house is built on and only a Feng Shui master using a compass can tell you how to arrange rooms, plan the house and arrange the furniture and no dragon statue or etc can help you achieve your goals. What is your opinion?

    * I know that are different Feng Shui schools, using cardinal points or the plan of the house, with a Ba Gua map, is your choice what school you choose to follow, but my questions are:
    – if I choose one of the school and I arrange my house/ rooms/ furniture etc according to its rules, will these rule not interfere with the other school rule? Meaning that a mirror placed in a Carrier area (ba gua plan) will be, for example placed in cardinal point area from the other school rule and be a negative impact? This is just an example..

    We cannot always match the 2 schools together… – what is your opinion about this?

    Also, I would need your help, I have attached you a photo of my living room where I placed 2 round metal mirrors on East wall. One is grey the other is chrome. Grey one reflect the wall and the curtain, the chrome one reflects half of the patio door and part of the patio. is this a correct placement?

    Thank you for your effort of reading and replying to my message.



  • Pasi Liimatainen

    I will have a closet door in the hall, with built-in mirror in the door, large mittor of almost the width of the door. The facing of the mirror is just barely to the side of the front door, so from the door one cannot see himself in the mirror. If the door would be two feet to the left, they would be opposite. Question: is this OK for feng shui? And in general, is it okay to have mirror in any door?

  • shilpi talwar

    I have a mirror on the wall at a end of a small hallway in my apartment . The wall is an East wall and the mirror is a square mirror with a decorative wooden frame . It reflects some of our dining area . Is that fine ? Thanks in advance

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the appreciation..

    You can place the mirror on North and East walls..

    Get help of a local feng shui consultant to do that for you correctly.


  • You can cover one of the mirror

  • the mirror should face South or West

  • Hi,

    Different feng shui schools have different opinions but the intent of all remains the same; ” to make the life happier”…

    I can see that there’s a toilet in North of the house (that may lead to a bit of financial troubles) .. here’s the link for your help: http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-bathroom/

    Also, I can see that there’s a kitchen in SE of the house. Here’s a link for that too! http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-kitchen/


  • If the mirror isn’t reflecting the main entrance from outside then it’s ok..

  • that should be ok..

  • Ed

    Is it ok to place a mirror facing a kitchen island with water tap? This is a photo I took from the internet to show a kitchen island with water tap. Not my actual house and layout. Thank you. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/63a65aa7af259da02320acc34c31652fa32f5bf86edcb240b4269d997e47b7d2.jpg

  • Renny

    My stove is opposite the bathroom door (like only1/3 of the stove). I put a curtain on the bathroom door. Does that help to ward off the negativity?
    Also, there are mirrors inside both of the bathrooms. And the mirror inside one of the bathrooms is facing the bathroom door. Is there anything can be done other than removing the mirror? When u mentioned ‘never keep it in the dark’, does it mean by leaving the light on solve the problem?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Andreea,

    Thanks for loving my website!!!

    For missing NE: Place 4 pyramids (one each) in North, East, West and South of the bedroom..

    For E-SE mirror: Please send me a layout of that for assessment..


  • kayren

    Hello. Your website is really very informative.

    Is it ok to hang a mirror reflecting the dining table and the sliding glass window? When Im in front of the mirror I am facing the East and our dining area is located at the north west. Please advise if this is ok. Thank you so much.

  • Ankita Mathur

    i have the main door leading to passage way which has transparent glass as partition between passage and adjoining room. is it ok

  • That should be ok

  • Hi,

    Yes, that should help.

    You can cover that mirror, however, that’s not needed. Yes, you need to have some light in the bathroom.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for liking my website.

    It’s really auspicious to hang a mirror facing the dining table (make sure that there’s always something edible on the dining table such as fruits etc.) . The best wall to have a mirror is North or East.


    • Harsha Jyothinagara

      Placing mirror on North wall means it reflects south view.is itok

  • Hi,

    Instead of pyramid you can use a crystal ball there to help you protect from the sharp edge of the wall. I’d suggest you to get help from a local feng shui expert for exact placement of crystal ball. Those mirrors should be ok on West wall. If possible then move them.


  • SM

    I have a small entrance hallway which then leads to the main living room. The main door faces a wall which I am planing to cover with a good happy painting. I wanted to know if I can place a mirror on the left wall (on the East) wall of the entrance hallway if it faces the door when its open. Also what kind of image/painting should I place on the wall right opposite the main door to protect good energy into the house.
    Thanks in advance.

  • That’s ok

  • Hi,

    A mirror reflecting the entrance is a no in feng shui. All the energy that enters your home can bounce back from the mirror if it’s right in-front of the entrance of the house.

    The painting should be such that it makes you feel that there’s a lot of space in the small entrance. It can be nature or even modern art. Just make sure that the painting is positive and nothing like a crying or lonely girl etc.

    You can get help from a local feng shui expert to choose the best painting and even the best location of mirror near the entrance.


  • Yes

  • Jana

    Hello, My bedroom furniture (bedsides, tallboy and lowline) are smokey mirrored furniture. I also had a very large mirror in the bedroom that i have just taken out after realsing it wasn’t the best, what about the mirrored furniture is there anything i can do with this?

  • RM RM

    I have 3 questions
    1.I plan to place a mirror reflecting a set of gold coins, money. reflective side facing north, in northern most room. will it be effective? i leave it all day in morning (room has abundant sunlight) and lock them in cupboard at night. also i cover the mirror too at night. will it be good?
    2. what is the effect of keeping the mirror on the outside of house (exterior wall) near entrance (in order to reflect negativity away)? entrance faces east
    3. Also i plan to put a blue light glowing through the night in the northern most room in the night. will it do good?
    Pl. clarify

  • Jyllian Martini

    Hello! Thank you for the article, it is very helpful. I will put my 3 small oval mirrors away. I am concerned that in our new (to us) house the doors in the dressing area (2 sets of folding doors so 8 (!) mirrors and one above the sink for shaving makeup. Would it be helpful to put window clings (a pattern) on the ones that reflect each other? I have been reading and reading and don’t know how to solve this problem since we can’t afford to replace the doors. This dressing room leads into the commode/shower room and in is connected to the bedroom. Thank you for any advice!

  • Jyllian Martini

    Hello! Thank you for the article, it is very helpful. I will put my 3 small oval mirrors away. I am concerned that in our new (to us) house the doors in the dressing area (2 sets of folding doors so 8 (!) mirrors and one above the sink for shaving makeup. Would it be helpful to put window clings (a pattern) on the ones that reflect each other? I have been reading and reading and don’t know how to solve this problem since we can’t afford to replace the doors. This dressing room leads into the commode/shower room and in is connected to the bedroom. Thank you for any advice!

  • Hi,

    You’re welcome.

    Yes, you can cover the mirrors. That’s an easy remedy.


  • Have replied!

    • Jyllian Martini

      Sorry! I didn’t realize I double posted. Appreciate the help 🙂

  • Hi,

    1. Yes, that’s a good idea.
    2. The mirror will also reflect all the positive energy away. If you still want to do that then you need to do it under guidance of a feng shui expert.
    3. That’s good.


    • RM RM

      thanks very much

  • Hi Jana,

    As per feng shui (and vastu shastra), if there’s something that’s reflecting whole or part of a body while lying on bed then that thing needs to be either removed or covered while lying on bed.


  • Keshi Deshpande

    I have bought a square mirror for my lounge room north wall, but it reflects kitchen and gas stove on that mirror. Where to place it on north wall? This is my home plan. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/497707d7882124b5dfafa0c40f0ba6185fdc9206400fdd08413ee11fc4cbb5bb.jpg

  • Mega Zhan

    hi, your articles very helpful.i want to ask some questions.

    1. i have a display cupboard/case,the wall is made of mirror on south.opposite the cupboard is dining table.beside the dining table there is a koi pond with a fountain. actually in the beginning, the mirror wall is purpose to reflect the displayed things, dining table and the fountain.and when i inform my husband for any possible change he is kinda upset and insist not going to change it since the cupboard will contain his favourite things and like to have mirror for esthectical reason.any solution for this?

    2. i also have a bathroom(sink) mirror on the south plus plan to put vanity mirror infront of bathroom door.is it ok?

    tq for the advice.

  • Bhumika Sharma

    Hello, I just want to know as to how can I increase the centre of the house using mirror?

  • You’re welcome!

  • That’s ok.. You’re welcome!

  • Try to place it such that there’s no reflection in the mirror

  • Hi Mega,

    A mirror in South wall isn’t recommended as per feng shui.. What you can do is to get a local feng shui expert visit your place, he’ll be able to explain the reasons for feng shui practices to your husband.
    You can cover the South mirrors as a simple remedy.


    • Mega Zhan

      hi, a local fengshui expert has visited my place and said the south mirror give no problem at all as long theres no other mirror facing each other.

      how do you think?

  • yes, you can place the mirror next to the bed but make sure that there’s no body part reflected in the bed and the mirror is on North or East wall

  • It’s better you get a local vastu or feng shui expert to do that for you. The center of the house is extremely critical and anything wrong there can be disastrous..


  • That’s another aspect of mirrors.. however, I believe that South mirrors are better covered. You can do one thing, cover the mirror for 21 days and check for the changes. If everything remains the same then there’s no need to cover further.

    • Mega Zhan

      thats a good suggestion.
      we will try it soon.

      tq very much

  • You’re welcome!

  • You mean on the wall behind the door or directly on the door itself?

  • Hi Alian,

    That’s a great idea!
    Reflecting the dining room table is very good especially keep some edible things on the dining table at all times such as fruits etc.

    If the mirror is reflecting the entrance of the house then it’s not a good idea to place it there; however, this means that if the mirror is visible right from the entrance like it’s right in front of the entrance then it’s not a good idea to keep it there.

    You can get help from a local feng shui expert to visit your place and decide the best way to install that door.