Feng Shui Fish Aquarium At Home (Why & How to Have One)

Fish aquarium, as per feng shui, is considered an extremely powerful tool and there’s a pretty good reason behind that (more on the reason in a moment), but first, let me ask you a simple question.

How do you feel when you see a beautiful, serene fish aquarium with all the colorful & lively fishes in it?

Here’re your options:

A: Tensed and stressed

B: Relaxed and peaceful

It’s option “B”, Of course!

So that means a fish aquarium can – and in fact does – act as a mind relaxing tool and a peaceful mind is the first thing that you need to have if  you want to live your life with happiness, abundance & prosperity.

Moving on further, as I promised earlier, here’s what feng shui has to say about fish aquarium and why it’s considered a powerful defect remedy – and prosperity enhancing tool.

Fish Aquarium Feng Shui

Why Fish Aquarium is Important – A view from Feng Shui Perspective

A fish aquarium, in feng shui is believed to have the capability to produce huge amount of positive energy. Not only this, a fish tank is also capable of absorbing loads of negative energy as well.

This is the primary reason why, it’s always useful to have a fish tank at home or office.

Furthermore, there’re some really awesome benefits of keeping a fish aquarium at home.

I’ve made a list of some of them below. Have a look at them.

7 AMAZING Benefits of keeping fish aquarium at home

  1. Fish aquarium generates lot of positive energy (and that’s what we want)
  2. The aquariums absorb a lot of negative energy
  3. It’s said that if a fish dies (naturally) then it’s believed to have taken something terrible (that was supposed to come to you) and has sacrificed its life for you.
  4. Healthy, active and playful fishes help attract wealth, health, prosperity & abundance.
  5. Feeding food to hungry fishes is a good karma! Make sure to get the best fish food.
  6. As per researches in medical science, observing fishes in an aquarium helps to calm human mind.
  7. If there’s a problem in some aspect of your life, then placing an aquarium in corresponding area of your home will help relieve that issue; for example, if you’re always short of money, then, keeping an aquarium in SE of living room will surely help (as SE is the money area). More on money & wealth @ Feng Shui to attract money

But, all this, in no way means that keeping a fish aquarium at home or office will inherently bring-in all the goodness.

In fact, there’re feng shui fish aquarium rules that you need to follow while placing or locating one. Also keep in mind that violating these guidelines will – and it often has – caused severe troubles to people.

The whole next section of this article is dedicated for such feng shui guidelines; all you need to do is to read on!

Feng Shui Fish Aquarium – Here’s How to Have a Feng Shui Compliant One!

Alright, so feng shui fish aquarium guidelines (or tips) are the main intent of this section of the article.

In this section, you’ll get actionable stuff. All the tips are in do’s and don’ts format and you can start applying them right away.

So, without any delay, let’s dive right into what’s allowed and what’s forbidden when it comes to fish aquarium feng shui.

Feng Shui Fish Aquarium – What to Follow (15 Tips)

  1. Place the fish tank in living room; it’s the best location. More on living room feng shui @ Feng Shui Living Room Tips.
  2. Keep 9 fishes in aquarium.
  3. Out of 9 fishes, eight should be gold or arrowana fish (aka dragon fish) and 1 should be black fish (may be a black moor).
  4. Placing aquarium in North of living room will attract better career opportunities & progress.
  5. Aquarium in East of living room will help attract better health.
  6. Placing aquarium in SE of living room enhances the wealth area & attracts more money. More on Feng Shui Wealth @ Feng Shui Tips for Wealth
  7. If there’s a poison arrow pointed towards your home (such as corner of a building) then placing an aquarium is a good remedy.
  8. Placing aquarium under a beam will help reduce stress & pressure from the beam.
  9. Make sure that the fishes are attractive & healthy.
  10. Clean the aquarium regularly to maintain hygiene.
  11. Make sure that the aquarium is well aerated. Use a good aquarium air pump.
  12. Make the aquarium attractive. Light it well; use good quality aquarium lights.
  13. Place colorful decorative stones and plants.
  14. Use a wave-maker to make the aquarium even more attractive.
  15. If you happen to live at a place that’s notorious for cold weather then please maintain the temperature of water using a heater.
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Feng Shui Fish Aquarium – What to Avoid (6 Tips)

  1. Aquarium inside kitchen is a strict no (may lead to food related diseases)
  2. No aquarium in bedroom too! (often leads to sleep related disorders)
  3. Never place an aquarium at the center of the house.
  4. No filthy aquarium.
  5. No broken parts in aquarium.
  6. Not everyone that comes to your home should start feeding the fishes.

Also, I believe that you’ll – certainly – head over to the nearest – and best possible – place to get a nice, attractive & beautiful fish aquarium for yourself.

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Well, that’s all there is to when it comes to fish aquarium feng shui. I believe that you’re now in a better position to understand – and at the same time appreciate – the power (of course, positive) that a fish aquarium does have.

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  • Anja

    Hi, I have a question. I just bought a small fish tank, and I am having trouble placing it. the SE area of my house has a big window with a covered patio right behind it. There is limited space unless I place the tank on the floor or above my fireplace. My office is located in the NE area with one corner that still belongs to the North Area (according to classic Bagua Map). Am I able to place it in this corner?

  • you can place it in North

  • jhony shivdasani

    Is it OK to keep a triangular aquarium at home

  • Bunty Parmar

    I have no place in living room I have place only in bedroom it is ok or not

  • it’s better to go for a regular shaped one

    • jhony shivdasani

      Really appreciate your response. Many thanks. However, I have an issue related to area due to which triangular is the most suitable design I can go for. Could you please confirm if there are any negative effects of it.

      Thanks in advance..!

  • Not in the bedroom

  • There should not be any negative effects. However, if you can find a triangular one with softened or curved edges then it’s better..

    • jhony shivdasani

      Certainly..! I’ll keep that in mind…Thank you

  • Richard White

    Hello Master! I admire you being so active in your site. I have something to share with you and I hope you can help me. The water feature I made is not an aquarium but I believe my concern is related to your post. Just let me know if this is not the right page for me to ask for help.

    Can you please comment on the location of my koi pond water feature as I feel not comfortable with it? The pond is in L shape with 6ft the deepest and 3ft the not so deep part. Part of it is in the southeast (below our balcony)and before it curve to the other end of L is a meter wide bridge. The bridge is our main pathway from our main gate. I’ve read from a fengshui expert that a pond near or part of the house is a bad fengshui. Also, I’ve read from a certain website saying that “too much water is not good”. If those are true, any remedy to this?

    I’ve noticed that since I have this pond, I’ve started to lose income and assets and started to experience misfortune. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/07d051eaa359161aa693b81fe4c2f64653ea2b247c5f2701681b59483a56ecc1.png

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for liking my website.

      I can see that there’s a kitchen in NE of the house. Please refer the articles @ http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-kitchen/
      and @ http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-colors/

      Yes, a water feature in SE is ok but that’s a huge amount of water for an area that should primarily be wood. Get help of a local feng shui consultant to landscape the SE part to appropriate elements.

      Feel free to ask further questions..


      • Richard White


        I am really grateful for this reply.

        I am planning to cover up our koi pond and relocate it that area facing our house. Please see below plan below attached. This is what our local friend who know a little about fengshui. What do you think? You may asked why pond of that big. It’s because I am a koi fish hobbyist who is pond of growing fish into jumbo for shows.

        If you can also give us advice what to do to not only fix our financial concerns, but also our health as well as other facets of our well being.

        I would really be grateful to you if you can enlighten us.

        Thanks and best regards,


  • You mean you’re moving the fish pond to South side?

    • Richard White

      Yes, in the south side of the front yard, not part of the house. That’s 5 meters away from the front of the house.

  • I don’t think it’s a good idea to place a pond there. I’d suggest you to get a local feng shui consultant visit your place and check the place personally.


  • ankit sharma

    Great post!!!
    I have my living room at the centre of my house.. n that’s where the aquarium is residing currently..my house has entry from west.. plz educate me the best place and direction as i have been facing financial and health challenges..
    regards Ankit

  • Hi Ankit,

    Send me a layout of the house with North marked on it. This way it’ll be easier for me to assess the house on Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra.


  • Sachin S


    I am planning to buy a aquarium(fish bowl). Is it good to have a fish bowl rather than having a big aquarium? . I have thought of keeping a pair of https://www.google.co.in/imgres?imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.thatpetplace.com%2F208070.jpg&imgrefurl=http%3A%2F%2Fanimal-world.com%2Fencyclo%2Ffresh%2Fanabantoids%2Fbluegourami.php&docid=X3AeBZZNDZHbqM&tbnid=fUiQEhDVkfxtcM%3A&vet=10ahUKEwitz9LVzeDSAhWCErwKHRgUDhQQMwhqKDAwMA..i&w=700&h=700&bih=638&biw=1366&q=gourami%20fish&ved=0ahUKEwitz9LVzeDSAhWCErwKHRgUDhQQMwhqKDAwMA&iact=mrc&uact=8 —> this fish. Is this the suitable pair to keep this in bowl as per Feng Shui. Revert at the earliest.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Hi Ankit,
    You can keep the aquarium in living room. If you believe in vastu shastra then here’s the link for your reference: http://www.vastushastraguru.com/vastu-fish-aquarium/


  • Hi,

    Aquariums are better than bowls. At least they have space for fishes to swim and move around. However, you can start with bowl and then gradually move to aquarium.


  • Prasenjit Chatterjee


    Dear Sir,

    I have a 2 fit size Aquarium in North East at my home and It is too small for 9 pcs fish , and we are two member in my house , please suggest how many fish should I keep in my Aquarium ?????….I am waiting for your suggestion.

  • Hi,

    Yeah, that’s a very small tank for 9 fishes. You can start with pair of gold fish.. also, if you want, you can add a black colored fish too making it 3. Ask the aquarium person for pairings..


  • Prasenjit Chatterjee

    Thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion .

  • Thomas Liew

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Would like to have your advise on placing the Aquarium at the front of main door.


  • Thomas Liew

    Looking to get a 3 feets Aquarium and placed near the Main Door as per diagram.
    Is it appropriate?


  • Yes, that’ll be good it seems. Also, in that kitchen, try to cook facing East direction.


    • Thomas Liew

      Thanks Sir for your valuable advises.

  • Have replied

  • onkar paraswar


    Dear sir,

    I am planning to purchase an aquarium in my house. I am planning to keep the aquarium in the living room mentioned the place in the image.

    Please suggest an accurate place for it and please suggest a size of the aquarium for 9 fishes and types of fishes.

    Thank you

    • Hi,

      The place for aquarium is good. For the number and types of fishes you can re-read the very same article.


  • Sothea Chan

    I just bought a small tank for my shop, i didn’t know about the 9 fish fengshui before. Now I got only 2 goldfish, is it that bad? Or should I buy another black fish, will it make it any better ? Please help

  • Hi,

    It’s ok. Fishes in itself are a bliss. If you wish you can add 1 more fish to the tank.


  • You’re welcome Sir!

    • Thomas Liew

      Good morning Sir, after setup the aquarium with 5 Red Discus, 3 Silver Angel and 1 Black Plecos. My wife starts getting sick, is it related or just coincidence.

      Appreciate for your further advise. Thanks a lot.

  • manu

    we are planning to construct new home.East facing plot.so as per this attached plan ,can you please check aquarium location is ok? I have given
    2 options for aquarium location 1) NW , 2 ) north .so which is best?also can you please check over all plan room location ?
    Thanks & best regards

  • Arun Benadick

    Dear Sir,

    Recently we bought a tank, 3 feet X 1.5 feet X 2 feet (LxWxH). with internal filter, Aerator and aquariums.

    We kept it in North-East of Living Hall.

    We have totally 16 fishes.

    2 black, Remaining White, rose, gold, yellow colours…

    Total number of fishes are 16.

    Is it OK???

  • Hey Arun,

    It’s a nice move to get a fish tank.. at this moment just try to keep the fishes healthy and happy at all times..


    • Arun Benadick

      Thank You Sir… Since past 15 years we are struggling financially & personal issues also…. Hope everything will be solved soon.

  • Send me a sketch or layout of the house with North marked and also mark the location of the fish tank in the house.. it seems the tank is in SE of the house

  • Hi,

    As per vastu shastra the plan looks good to me. however, you need to reorient some of the W/C in toilets to North-South axis.. also I can see there’s a toilet in North of the house.. that can be removed; do get the slope and energy levels of the plot checked by a local vastu expert..

    for other bathrooms and kitchen in the house please refer the following articles:



  • Hope so! God bless you!

  • Gaurav Ghadage

    I have taken a old fish tank from my friend
    We have a house with 1 Room and 1 kitchen
    Kitchen we have made on 1st floor and room is on ground floor..
    Can i put fish tank in room in west direction?
    And my tank is not too large for 9 fishesh so plzz suggest me how many fishesh i have to put and which fish i have to put in aquarium?
    Also give me suggestion about the position of the aquarium my enterence is from east direction and aquarium is on west just in opposite of the enterance door. We are 4 members in our family.. plzz suggest me sir
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/934e486af412aa2b8b9d17ded35bc968c826ccb4471cdefecb2f40c4be01ff4c.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b2ec75d2330cf0b053478bdd47cba3549dba0ab900081ab67b8b06adeadb5321.jpg

    • Hi Gaurav,

      You can keep the tank in NE of the living room of the house. Any number of fishes is good till the time they’re happy and healthy.


  • sukanya koppala

    Can i place Aquirium in Dining hall in NE direction

    • Hi,

      The best place to keep aquarium is the living room of the house.


  • Hi Red,

    Divider means? I didn’t get you? Can you please take a pic and share?