Water Fountain: Feng Shui’s Wealth & Abundance Magnet!

Water fountains are auspicious in Feng Shui and here’s the reason why.

Water has the ability to collect or pool Qi energy and this ability of water makes a fountain auspicious.

Here, I assume that you’re aware of feng shui and it’s principles. If – by any chance – you aren’t then please head over to the article @ Feng Shui (What Is It?) to understand feng shui basics.

Now, it’s for sure that you’ve seen water fountains at various beautiful places. They’re at parks, near many hotel entrances, celebrity houses and many more to mention.

Also, water fountains – usually – makes people relax, smile and many times forget their problems.

Not only this, you’ll – unsurprisingly – see smiling faces near a beautiful fountain. I see them! Always! Have you? I bet you answered YES!

Water Fountain Feng Shui

Just sit back and think for a moment why & how a water fountain can have such a profound effect on people around it. It’s because “Qi” energy gets collected and pooled with water. The “peacefully” moving water of a fountain distributes “Qi” around it. Thus you – and everyone else – around the fountain feel awesome.

But, as with everything else, correct location or placement of water fountain is critical. A correctly placed water fountain is a powerful positive energy generating (and attracting) tool. An incorrectly placed one has opposite impact.

Hence, you’ve got to place the water fountain as per feng shui rules to reap the benefits of it. The next section of the article is dedicated to just that, so, read on!

Water Fountain Placement – What’s The Best One?

As said earlier, a correctly placed water fountain attracts and enhances positive energy. This positive energy then enters your home impacting you & your family in – obviously – positive ways.

As a result, everything around you and your family starts to look good. You start attracting better opportunities at work, excelling your career. Wealth & abundance starts to pour in miraculous ways you may’ve never imagined.

Alright, now it’s not hard to understand the impacts of incorrectly placed water fountain. It’s – certainly – going to take away anything and everything positive from your life.  Wealth, health, prosperity, love and much more, just flushes away. And that’s what we – for sure – don’t want to happen.

Hence you need to make sure to follow feng shui rules for water fountain placement.

Below, I’ve listed feng shui water fountain placement rules in do’s & don’ts format. Do read and apply them to the fountain in your home.

Water Fountain Feng Shui – What to Follow (10 Tips)

  1. Place the fountain in front of the entrance of the house.
  2. If it’s not possible to keep the fountain outside, then you can keep it inside.
  3. Make sure the water’s flowing towards the house.
  4. For excelling in career place the fountain in North.
  5. Placing in East is best for health.
  6. South-East (SE) placement helps attract wealth and money.
  7. The fountain must always be flowing & not still (except for times of maintenance)
  8. Use distilled or filtered water to prevent pump damage.
  9. Locate the fountain such that you don’t hear it in your bedroom.
  10. Water should flow freely without obstacles.

Water Fountain Feng Shui – What to Avoid (11 Tips)

  1. Never keep 2 water fountains at entrance. It’ll bring in negative results.
  2. Water flowing away from home symbolizes money & wealth leaving the house.
  3. Don’t place water fountain in South of your home. South is fire.
  4. Water fountain in bedroom is a no no.
  5. Avoid fountains under bedroom. Sleeping over water isn’t good.
  6. No fountains in kitchen.
  7. No fountain in bathrooms too.
  8. No fountains under staircases.
  9. Avoid broken fountains
  10. No clutter
  11. The fountain shouldn’t block the entrance.

That’s all you need to take care while placing a water fountain, as per feng shui, in your home or office.

But, there’s one more thing you need to keep in mind. Not while placing the fountain, but while buying one. And that’s the material used to make water fountain. I’ve discussed this in detail in the next section of the article, so just read on!

What Water Fountain Material Is the Best?

You might know that Feng Shui is based on 5 elements; namely, water, fire, metal, earth and wood. Also, these elements are related to each other via enhancing, reducing and destructive cycles. More information about element cycle and relation @ Feng Shui Elements & Relation amongst them.

But for now, here’s an image that’ll suffice. Do have a look at it (we’ll need this later)

Relationship Amongst Elements in Feng Shui

Relationship Amongst Elements in Feng Shui

Below is a list of commonly used materials for water fountains:

  1. Metal
  2. Wood
  3. Rock or stone
  4. Ceramic
  5. Concrete
  6. Resin

Now, since there’s a lot of water in a fountain, you need to choose the material that supports or even enhances water.

Here’re some tips for choosing a good water fountain:

  1. Metallic water fountains are best. Metal enhances water (from the image above)
  2. Add some coins to earthen water fountain. Metal enhances water.
  3. Adding coins to wooden fountains is good too. Wood reduces water and metallic coins will enhance water energy.

Having understood best materials for water fountain, let’s move to next section of article. The next section discusses the type or style of fountain that you should be choosing.

What Types or Style of Water Fountain Is The Best?

The market is flooded with myriad varieties of water fountains. They vary in styles, shapes, size etc. Some are really simple, some sophisticated and some even funny. But the BIG QUESTION here is which one’s the best?

Well, there’s no particular answer to this question. You’re free to buy which ever you feel will look good in your home. It’s really all up to you, your taste and your home designer (if you’ve one).

There’s nothing like correctly styled fountain or incorrect styled one. Just make sure that it really resonates with you and your home well.

However, here’re a few things that you need to – and should – keep in mind while buying a water fountain:

  1. Never buy fountain that depicts negative feelings. E.g. water flowing as tears or skeleton shaped ones.
  2. Never buy fountains that have sharp edges (type of poison arrows).
  3. The size of the fountain shouldn’t be too big to block the entrance of the home.
  4. The water should flow gently and not rushing.
  5. It should be easy to clean & maintain.
  6. Should be a good quality one!

Where Can You Buy Good Water Fountains From?

Here’re some very good online places you can order fountains from:

Amazon US

Amazon India

Amazon Canada

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany (DE)

Amazon Spain (ES)

Amazon France (FR)

Amazon Italy (IT)

With all this, we’ve come to the end of this article about water fountains in feng shui.

As you’ve read this far, I believe that you really liked the information above.

If you did, then please share it!

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  • Linus Sally

    Hi, thanks for sharing your water fountain tips. For the wealth placement direction of SE, are you looking at the whole house SE corner, or can it be a dining room’s SE corner?

  • House’s SE will dominate individual room’s SE.

  • Cye

    Is a water fountain place inside the house infront of the front door and beside the stairs good? Thanks!

  • That should be good.

  • Ady

    Is a stone/marble/granite fountain good for home,?

  • Which direction you want to place the fountain?

  • Andrew Chai

    Hi I’m planing to build a pond infront of the house. My main door is locate at the right side of the house when viewing from inside to outside. Should I build the pond on the left or right side of the house?

  • shweta

    Me and my husband staying in a rental room and we are facing financial and health problems since last 4 years.. we unable to save money https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fad3912afee0e28e0c465512319906ba3029c1c4d1f687e5e7ecfbfb26f42a6c.jpg also we don’t have social circle.. I am facing relationship problems.. kindly guide me.. help me.. I am attaching my house map also.

  • shweta

    Me and my husband staying in a rental room and we are facing financial and health problems since last 4 years.. we unable to save money..also we don’t have social circle.. I am facing relationship problems.. kindly guide me.. help me.. I am attaching my house map also. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fad3912afee0e28e0c465512319906ba3029c1c4d1f687e5e7ecfbfb26f42a6c.jpg

  • Hi Andrew,

    There’re many schools of feng shui that differ in application of it. As per one school front, left, back and right are taken into consideration while as per another one North, South, East and West are taken into account. Now, North is the place of water and that should ideally be the best place for making a pond. You can keep a water fountain (that flows inwards) of appropriate material, in front of the house.. do get help of a local feng shui consultant while you plan to implement the pond and fountain too!


  • Hi Shweta,

    I can see, from Vastu Shastra, perspective that there’re a lot of defects in this house.. If I were in your place I’d be looking to move to another home.


  • Have replied!

  • shweta

    Thanks for the reply.. panditji..
    We renewed the room contract in last month only.. to be honest we can’t afford to shift even in next year.. what can I do in current situation.. will be beneficial any symbolic febgshui ? Or vastu solutions here ? Need your guidance..

  • ok.. your’s is a diagonal house and there’s a kitchen in SW of the house (and that’s a huge vastu defect). here’s a link for help with kitchen (apply all the remedies except inverted bowls one) http://www.vastushastraguru.com/vastu-remedies-north-east-kitchen/

    Also, I’m attaching an image of an ideal diagonal house as per vastu shastra. you can also apply feng shui remedies to balance elements via colors and elements Here’s a link for the same.. http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-colors/

    Feel free to ask further questions.,.

    Thanks https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c501d455ed7e2068a4128323e8a6e743a4abec070094d3820a45ba6d6d532d40.jpg

  • shweta

    Thanks for your suggestions.. your guidance.. it means alot to me.. I will definitely apply the remedies.. and I will get back to you..Thanks a ton pandit ji ..

  • Eddie Ng

    Thanks for your blog. it is very good guidance. we are moving into a new home we recently purchased and thinking of putting a water fountain as per picture below (“star” in red). Would love your feedback…


    • jenn

      does it have to be all the 5 elements are there when u buy the fountain? can it be just one, does it has to be all elements?

  • I think that can be put there. do get the energy levels of the house checked by a local feng shui consultant..


  • Lucy Love Lopez

    I have my fountain placed in the wrong direction. It’s in my living room by southeast/south direction near my kitchen door. I will need to relocate on my left side my entrance north/northeast direction. Because my northwest corner I have a big TV on top of a wooden console. Is this correct?

  • Ankita Mehta

    Can we put water fountain inside and outside of the house. We are thinking to put an outdoor fountain on East side of the house and one inside at the main entrance(North facing house). Is it okay, according to vastu? Thanks and would appreciate your reply.

  • Master Kong

    In front of my apartment , the fountains were arch both side making the flow of water inwards like waterfall towards the center of a pool.my view thus is the flow is inwards n outwards hence towards the center of the pool. What does it denotes ?

  • Hi Ankita,

    That seems to be fine.


  • Mira Masukawa

    Hello. My front door faces west, but it is in the southeast of the livingroom , but the south of the house. Would a fountain be beneficial there? Thank you

  • Yes, that’ll be correct..

  • As per feng shui, the water must flow towards the house signifying the flow of abundance towards the home.. in your case it seems to be just a cycle.. what comes in goes out.. you can place another water fountain near the entrance after consulting with a local feng shui expert..


  • s.balakrishna

    Sir, Kindly suggest us the placement of Buddha indoor water fountain facing to……?. .East facing house/entrance ,north east – entrance.- directions – from 10/6 sit out- straight to centre hall and left big living room.

  • Vivian Tran

    Can I add both stones and coins in the water fountain?

  • Timm R

    Thanks for this information! It makes sense and is some of the most thorough I have found.

    I have a couple questions.

    What effect does it have in the southwest corner?

    And why is it bad in the bedroom? What if it’s in the southeast corner, based on the bedroom’s entrance?

  • Hi Mira,

    Please send me a sketch or layout of the house (mark North on it).


  • InLoving Memory JimiBoyer

    Hello, I have attached a drawing of my apartment. I am confused as to where to put my fountain because of being in the 8? i understand the wealth corner is actually the sw corner for that period. That being said my bathroom is actually sw. is this where I would put the fountain? I am having money and love issues, have become very much a loner after losing several family members I really need help in addressing my apartment to start bringing in the positive and releasing the negative. Thank https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b179af0c5cd0dce326ce9f7724e177ecf7a59fa6ad2b698485624a51018ea1e4.jpg s Lisa

  • Hi,

    The water from the fountain must flow towards the house. Also, send me a sketch of your home (with North marked) so that I can understand it better.


  • Myat Min

    Hi, Can we put water fountain outside of the house in the back left corner. My house is facing to Southeast direction. House is in South part of the plot and north part is free where I would like to make garden with fountain. Is it okay, according to vastu? Thanks and would appreciate your reply.

  • Julie


    Can I place water fountain outside my front door on the right side?

  • Yes, you can but it depends in which direction the fountain is kept.. Here’s a link for your help: http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-colors/


  • You’re welcome!

    Water in SW ain’t recommended as Earth destroys water.
    Since water in the fountain is moving and produces high energy, it may not be suitable to keep in the bedroom. The high energy may interfere with sleep causing insomnia.

  • Yes, you can. Just make sure that the water flows towards the home and get a fountain of appropriate material


    • Donna Chapman Walker

      The right side, as you are outside looking at the front door?

  • Hi,

    As per vastu it’s good to have a water body in NE and North of the house.. Even in feng shui, North is water and it’s a good idea to place a fountain there… do get help from a local feng shui expert while choosing the material the water fountain is made of i.e. ceramic, earthen, metallic etc…


  • Nicole Kok

    Is it necessary to find out which Element I am (according to my date of birth, etc) in order to determine the most suitable material for my water fountain?

  • Hi,

    Is this your home or a rented one?


  • Have replied!

  • No sir. Here’s an article to help you on that http://www.fengshuipundit.com/feng-shui-colors


  • Briana Maxwell

    Hi! I just moved into a new home and i have been decorating using feng shui. Its now time for my fountain. Im having trouble figuing out how to place a fountain with water flowing iNto home without putting it backwads

  • Hi Briana,

    Please send me a layout of the house with North marked.


  • Majamadu

    Hi I have couple of question.
    1. I am redoing my backyard. My backyard is in Northeast direction. At the north direction from my house, we have a huge community water storage tank. I am planning to get a stone or metal fountain in the north corner.. is that ok? Also to teh northeast i have a open space with hill behind my fence.

    2. My home id 3ba 4 bedroom plan. My plot has corner directions. the garage door is South West facing, front door is Northwest facing. My Southeast side is closed with a shared wall. On the 1st floor Kitchen is north direction with sink to the north,east corner living room. Hall is spread across southwest. Also the 1st floor bathroom in in southeast direction. On 2 nd floor I have master bedroom to North east. Bathrooms to east corner and south east respectively. Pooja house is northwest, kids bedrooms south and west respectively with open deck to southwest.Above stairs I have a skylight.
    Also I placed wind chimes in front of teh door towards northeast.
    I face following issues currently.
    1. Little career growth
    2. Not able to create wealth as expected
    3. Son not able to do well in high school
    4. Not good health fr both me and my wife. (she got joint problems)

    Can you please provide me with remedies.

  • ST

    Hi I wish to place a water feature pond at this section of the garden (photo attached). Is this considered north section?

  • Akella Latha

    Hi,I recently bought a water fountain n I’m confused as to which direction I need to place it as per feng ship for wealth n awesome career….???I have a TV unit in my living room on the east side opposite to which I have my entrance door(west facing house)and on the back side of the TV unit is my 3rd bedroom.Now my dilemma is may website’s say that SE SW and North is good for water fountain.I have 3 options available for placing the water fountain.so please let me know the right direction.I already have a turtle tank in the north as you can see and can I place the fountain in the TV unit on the SE NE or SW side as u can see.

  • You can place it in North or NE.

  • Hi,

    A better place will be towards the North.


  • Hi,

    Send me a layout of the house (with North marked).


  • Saiprasad Sugndhi

    Can I place mirror in my shop ceiling ???

    • I don’t think that recommended.. Do get a second opinion from a local feng shui or vastu expert. Their opinion may vary depending upon the type of business and site.

  • prateek mukherjee

    Hi how we can place water fountain in front of main door and the water following inside the house if I put it inside the house. Because the water flows toward the front of the fountain. And the water fountain kept in front of the main door will face the main door. That means the water is flowing out of the house. Please help..

  • Hi,

    I can see that there’s kitchen in North of the house.. From vastu perspective I can guess that there’re possible
    financial troubles you may be facing in the your life.. you may not get enough money or the money won’t stay with you.. some or other expense will always be there …

    I can also see that there’s a master bedroom in NE of the house.. that usually leads to troubled married life and problems with pregnancy (as per vastu shastra).. Also, I can see that there’re kids room in SE and SW of the house.. If you’ve kids and they use the SW bedroom then the kids won’t listen to you at all and they’ll behave as the master of the house..

    Do let me know if my analysis is correct. Also, I’d want to know if this is a rented house or own?


  • Have replied

    • Majamadu

      Thanks. Your kitchen analysis is correct. This is my own home. Now what Are the remedies for the issues I raised? Where should be my fountain? – thanks for your response.

  • have replied

  • Yes

  • Hi,

    It means that when the water is flowing in the fountain the water must seem to flow towards the house and not away from it. If someone’s looking from outside towards the main door then the he’ll see the back of the water flow.

  • Hi,

    I think that should be ok.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for appreciation.

    What’s the direction of entrance of your home? Also, as you said that the fountain and koi pond are already established, does that mean that you’re not the first occupant of the house? If yes, then, what happened to previous occupants?


  • Yes. North wall is better