Feng Shui Living Room

Living rooms have always been an integral and important part of any home – be it an apartment or an independent house – and that’s because living room is the only place in your home where most of the social and family gatherings happen.

Furthermore, this place – the living room – is where you spend most of your leisure time with your family, doing activities such as chatting, watching TV or discussions and much more. Having said that there are certain – in fact very certain – reasons as to why you must have a feng shui living room; to know the reasons, just read on.

Feng Shui Living Room

Feng Shui Living Room – Why Should You Bother To Do It

Till now you might have understood that a living room is an essential part of a house, here, you must also understand that it’s also one of the most vulnerable parts of a home. Vulnerable because, in majority of houses, living room is the first room that someone goes to once they enter from the main door and Qi energy isn’t an exception.

Now, imagine a house, in which the Qi entering the home – obviously via living room – is very fast and agitated (fast moving Qi in feng shui is called as Sha-Qi and it’s very inauspicious) or extremely slow and almost still (which is, again, very inauspicious); this Qi will – definitely – interact with family members and bring all sorts of unwanted, unexpected and tormenting situations in life; below is a list of a few – in fact very few – such situations.

  1. Loss of wealth, money and even leading to bankruptcy.
  2. Degradation in health and lethal medical conditions.
  3. Defamation of social reputation.

It’s for sure that none of us want to have any of the above mentioned situations in our life and in the lives of our loved ones.

Now, a feng shui living room is the one that has the ability to transform any type of Qi (extremely fast or dead slow) in to positive Qi (a steady and calmly moving one). The positive Qi is believed to attract wealth, health, good luck and lots of name and fame, which is – after all – what we all want to have. This is – without a doubt – the number one reason to make the living room in your home a feng shui complaint one.

Since you now know why you must have a feng shui living room, the next section of this article will reveal to you the ways or steps that you need to – and you must – take to make your living room a feng shui compliant one.

Feng Shui Living Room – How You Can Do It

To make it really easy for you to understand and achieve a feng shui living room, we’ve divided the process in 2 steps.

Here they are:

1st Step: – Have a look at all the – must follow – feng shui living room tips and apply them to your living room.

2nd Step: – Make sure that you follow all the tips that we’ve mentioned in “what you must avoid” section of this article.

So without any delay, let’s have a look at feng shui living room tips.

Feng Shui Living Room Tips – What You MUST FOLLOW

  1. The living room must be roomy, comfy and pleasing.
  2. It must receive ample sun light and must be ventilated.
  3. Place the sofa against a solid wall; it doesn’t need to touch the wall, you can keep 1-2 inches distance.
  4. While sitting on the main sofa, you must be able to see the main door. If entrance isn’t visible then use a mirror to see the door.
  5. Place a bowl with crystals, coins, and various wealth symbols on coffee table.
  6. If there’s a beautiful landscape outside your home, then hang a mirror in such a way that it reflects that landscape. This brings in the positive Qi energy.
  7. Hang images, posters or pictures that are lively and positive such as a pleasant landscape or smiling faces etc.
  8. Make sure to cover the TV screen when it’s off else it becomes a sort of mirror.
  9. Place 2 Foo Dogs on either side outside the main door, as if guarding your home.
  10. For North side of living room

    1. An aquarium in North brings wealth & auspicious opportunities.
    2. Keep eight red and one black fish in aquarium.
    3. Square or rectangular shaped aquariums are best; round ones will also do.
    4. A water fountain in North also attracts wealth and luck.
    5. The fountain must flow towards the room and not outwards.
    6. Hang picture of beautiful water body such as meandering river or a boat/ship sailing (make sure the boat/ship sails in to the room).
    7. Try to use black and blue colors in North.
    8. TV in North attracts good luck in career.
  11. For South side of living room

    1. Place candles, wood furniture and other wooden décor items.
    2. You can locate a fire place in South.
    3. Try to use more of red, pink, orange, and green colors.
    4. Place TV or plants to get fame and respect.
  12. For East and South-East side of living room

    1. Put wood items like picture frames, lamps, book shelves etc.
    2. Hang coins tied with red ribbon in East corner (brings wealth & money).
    3. Hang dragon painting (looking in to the house) on East wall to bring wealth.
    4. Place dragon headed tortoise with coin in its mouth in SE corner (this brings wealth).
    5. Place a three legged money toad in SE; it brings money and wealth.
    6. Use more of green and brown colors in East or SE.
    7. Plants in SE bring wealth and money.
    8. Plants in East direction attract health.
    9. Keeping an aquarium in SE attracts wealth and luck.
  13. For West and North-West side of living room

    1. Keep metal décor objects such as bowls and trays.
    2. Put metal figurines, furniture, candle holders, photo frames etc.
    3. Use blue, gray, gold, tan, and bronze colors.
    4. A family picture in metal frame on West wall brings luck.
  14. For North-East and South-West side of living room

    1. You can place crystals and other minerals objects.
    2. Keep pottery and ceramics, such as show pieces, pots, bowls etc.
    3. Mustard, clay, brown, tan and russet toned colors are best.
    4. Cut glass and hand-blown glass objects can be kept.
    5. A fire place in SW enhances romance and love.
    6. A fire place in NE helps in peaceful thinking; also brings luck in education.
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Feng Shui Living Room Tips – What You MUST AVOID

  1. Avoid windows behind the main sofa.
  2. Never place the sofa under a beam; this brings head related medical troubles.
  3. Avoid L shaped sofas.
  4. Avoid aquarium or anything related to water in South, West or NW.
  5. Any mirror shouldn’t reflect clutter, dirt or anything negative as that negativity will be attracted to your home.
  6. Avoid placing mirrors in South and West walls.
  7. Avoid fire place in North, West, NW and SE of your feng shui living room.
  8. Make sure that your image isn’t seen in the mirror while you’re standing at any door.
  9. Avoid hanging pictures that depict negative emotions such as a weeping girl, vicious animals, war, crime, loneliness etc.
  10. Avoid keeping any plants in North, SW or NE of living room.
  11. Avoid clutter and mess in living room (actually this should be avoided everywhere).
  12. Avoid having a door directly facing the door of living room.
  13. Avoid turbulent or rough sea paintings as they depict struggle.

Armed with all these tips and do’s and don’ts of a feng shui living room, we sincerely believe that you’ll leave no stone unturned and will make the living room in your home a feng shui compliant one.

Your reading this far – till the end of this article – makes it sure that you really like the information above; please share it with everyone you know.

P.S: – You’ll gain good karma 🙂

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