Feng Shui Stairs

Stairs or staircases (as some like to call it) aren’t a new concept when it comes to multistory home. They have been in use since ages and chances are that they aren’t going anywhere in future too! Stairs allow everyone to move from one floor to another with ease (more ease while coming down). Now, in feng shui, stairs have a bad repute, although not as bad as toilets, but bad enough to make you pay special attention towards having feng shui staircase in a home.

Here it’s assumed that you’re well aware of feng shui concepts like Qi energy and its movement; if you aren’t then you can learn about feng shui @ Feng Shui. For learning complete home feng shui, head over to the room by room house feng shui guide @ Complete Feng Shui House Guide.

Feng Shui Stairs

Feng Shui Stairs – Why Are They Important?

In the previous section, we stated that stairs have a bit of a bad repute in feng shui and here’s the reason why; you must know that stairs are heavy – in fact very heavy – structures; hence, they tend to exert pressure wherever they’re located, what this means is that they’ll try to suppress the benefits or positivity of the area of the house where they are located.

Here are a few examples that’ll clear the air for you:

Example #1: If, in a home, there’s a staircase in the wealth section of a house i.e. in South-East, then the financial condition of the residents of that house won’t be strong. Now, in no way does this means that the family will go bankrupt (however they may, if there are other severe defects in the house), what this means is that the family will face struggle when it comes to money. They may earn a good amount but won’t be able to save anything. They’ll face unnecessary, unexpected & unwanted expenses.

Example #2: Suppose a staircase is situated in the health area of the house i.e. in East, then there will be some or the other medical issue that’ll keep troubling the residents of that house. No matter what they do, no matter how good of a doctor they consult, the issues will remain there.

We hope that the above 2 very simple – but easily possible – examples will make you believe as to why you must be looking to feng shui stairs in your home; because – no matter what happens – you’ll never want yourself or your family to walk the path of difficulty and misery.

Feng Shui Stairs – How You Can Achieve It!

Ok, in this section of the article we’ll deal with the actionable stuff i.e. the rules and regulations of feng shui that you need to keep in mind and apply while making staircase in your home.

As said earlier, there are certain rules and regulations when it comes to feng shui staircases and below we’ve listed those rules just the way you like them – in do’s and don’ts format.

So without any more delay, let’s just jump into action and learn what needs to be followed and what needs to be avoided as per feng shui for stairs.

Feng Shui Stairs – What to Follow

  1. Try to keep 1, 2, 5, 10, 13, 14, 17 or 22 as the numbers of steps in a staircase.
  2. Keep the stairs well lit. Do fit uplights on landings.
  3. Make sure that the stairs are sturdy.
  4. Use shades of light and soothing colors for staircases.
  5. You can use wood, metal or concrete as materials for making stairs.
  6. It’s better to have wooden stairs in South, East and South-East of a home.
  7. If you’re making stairs in North then you can use metal.
  8. Concrete stairs can be made in North-East, South-West, West and North-West.
  9. Do remember to place a pair of Foo Dogs (Available on Amazon US, INCA, UK, DE, ES, FR & IT) to prevent bad or negative energy going upstairs.
  10. Make sure that the steps are comfortable; they shouldn’t be too steep or too shallow.
  11. Make the staircase wide enough for everyone to use it easily.
  12. If there’s a curved staircase, then make sure there aren’t much turns in it and try to keep the staircase clockwise.
  13. If stairs are located in front of the main door of the house then place a screen, partition or curtain to block the view of stairs from entrance. More on home entrance feng shui @ Feng Shui Main Door
  14. A crystal chandelier, at the start of stairs is good feng shui.

Feng Shui Stairs – What to Avoid

  1. No stairs at the center of a home; it’s like having something very heavy at the heart and that’s never a good feng shui.
  2. No broken stairs; if any of the landings is broken then repair it immediately.
  3. Stairs shouldn’t face any corner of the house.
  4. Never let a stair face another stair.
  5. No staircases near home’s entrance.
  6. Avoid top or bottom of stairs facing main entrance.
  7. No toilets at start or end of a staircase.
  8. No staircase in front of bedroom’s door.
  9. Never have red colored stairs; it brings misfortunes.
  10. Never make a kitchen, bedroom, dining room, bathroom/toilet and cash locker under staircase.
  11. Never place or store water under a staircase.
  12. Avoid spiral staircases.
  13. Please avoid stairs in East, South-East and South-West of your home as they rule Health, Money and Love aspect of your life respectively.
  14. Avoid creaky or weak materials for making staircases.
  15. Avoid any spaces between landings in a staircase. The space between landings means leakages and that’s a bad feng shui.
  16. Never place mirrors on staircases. Read our article @ mirror feng shui to know more.

With this we come to the end of this article; as you now have a very good knowledge of feng shui stairs, we believe that you’ll apply the tips that we’ve mentioned above and make the stairs in your home a feng shui compliant one.

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It’s a good Karma!

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