Money Frog Feng Shui: The Correct Placement & Much More!

In Feng Shui, Money Frog or Chinese Money Frog is a powerful tool to attract abundance and prosperity. There’re hosts of other names given to the Money Frog.

Here’re some commonly used ones:

  1. Wealth frog
  2. Money toad
  3. Lucky money frog
  4. Fortune frog
  5. Three legged prosperity toad and many more to mention

Its Chinese name is “Chan Chu”. It’s also believed that the money frog appears, every full moon, near houses that are about to receive auspicious news about wealth or money gain.

It’s often portrayed as a 3 legged toad, with a coin in its mouth. It feels as if the toad is ready to jump into the house bringing in all the money.

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The Money Frog symbolizes or represents wealth and money in materialistic form. That’s the reason why, placing Money Frog is beneficial for everyone; be it a business owner or a person doing job.Money Frog or Wealth Toad Feng Shui

But, Feng Shui is all about correct placement and orientation of tools so that we attract the best of positive energies towards us. This is why there’re feng shui rules, tips & guidelines for placing money frogs.

These rules will ensure that the toad helps you to attract money and not flush away every penny that you’ve got. Yes! The 3 legged wealth toad has the capability to flush everything – in terms of wealth and money – away from you. And that’s – certainly – no one would like to happen to them or their family.

This is the reason – and a very important one – to place the wealth or money toad as per feng shui rules.

The next section of this article is dedicated to money toad placement feng shui rules and tips. All you need to do is to read on!

Money Frog Placement – What Feng Shui Says About It!

As with everything else in feng shui, the placement – or in better words correct placement – of money toad is crucial.

So without any further ado, let’s start learning what to do and what to avoid while placing money frogs.

Money Frog Placement – What to Do (6 Tips)

  1. Place the money frog near the entrance.
  2. It should face inside.
  3. Placing it in SE (the wealth area) of living room is good for business men.
  4. For enhancements in career, place it in North (the career zone) of living room.
  5. Place it on a table such as coffee table or something.
  6. You can place it near your table in your office.

Money Frog Placement – What to Avoid (6 Tips)

  1. It should never face outwards (if you’re having just 1 toad)
  2. No money frog allowed in bedroom, kitchen, bathroom & toilet.
  3. Never keep it on the ground or floor.
  4. Don’t place the toad opposite to the main door or entrance.
  5. No broken toads.
  6. No clutter nearby.

Having said all that, there’s one more thing you need to do before placing lucky wealth frog. And that is to “activate” the wealth toad or money frog to start attracting money & wealth towards you.

Activating 3-legged wealth toad is covered in next section of this article, so just read on!

Activating 3 Legged Money Toad

Activating a 3 legged wealth toad is really simple but it’s very crucial. If you just keep the money frog without activating it, then it’s probably not going to attract any money & wealth towards you.

Now, irrespective of the type of toad you’ve bought – or will buy – here’s how you should activate the money toad.

Step 1: Tie a red ribbon around it; and it’s activated.

Step 2: If red ribbon isn’t your thing then you can place the toad on a red paper.

Step 3: If the toad you’ve bought has a red ribbon tied then it’s already activated and you need not activate it again.

Now, that you know how to activate a money toad, you need to – and should – read the next section of the article to know the significance of coin (the toad has in its mouth) & how it should be oriented.

3 Legged Money Frog with Coin in Its Mouth

Most – almost all – 3 legged toads that you’ll see in the market will have a coin in their mouth. If there’s none then you need to buy a separate coin from the vendor.

You know, the coin in the mouth of the toad is really important. It symbolizes the money or monetary benefits that the toad bringing in with it.

Depending upon then manufacturer, you’d usually get 2 types of coins.

  1. With Ruby (symbolic) at center of coin
  2. With Chinese Symbols and Writings.

If you get the Ruby one, then make sure that the Ruby side is pointing upwards (and never downwards) once you place the coin in frog’s mouth.

If you get a coin with Chinese writings on one side and symbols (usually 4) on the other, then make sure that the Chinese symbol side is facing upwards once the coin is placed in toad’s mouth.

How Many Money Frogs to Keep?

Well as simple answer to that question is 9; one each in every direction within the living room or garden of your home.

The 9 wealth frogs will represent money flowing from all the directions towards you. Make sure to place them discreetly. Also, they all must face in different directions of the compass. Furthermore, the one that’s near the entrance should face inwards (towards the home) as it symbolizes huge wealth and money coming in.

If you’re unable to keep 9 money toads, then six or three toads is also auspicious.

However, a single 3”X3” wealth toad should suffice for a home or small office.

Where to Buy Money Toads From?

Below are some online shops you can buy 3 legged money frogs from:

Amazon US

Amazon India

Amazon Canada

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany (DE)

Amazon Spain (ES)

Amazon France (FR)

Amazon Italy (IT)

Well, that’s all there is to when it comes to Money Frog Feng Shui.

Do leave your thoughts about the article in the comments section below.

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  • Hi Lu,

    That’s a good frog. However, a single 3”X3” is good for a small office or a home. 2″ is also good.


  • Geraldine Balse

    if i will have 9 frogs, i’m not sure where they will be face, i have 2 legged frog in the office, 1 near the main entrance (main door is in the E side but the frog is placed in the SE facing inside the office), the other 1 (paced in E and is diagonally facing outside the door). Am i doing it correctly? if i placed other 9 frogs, where should they be facing?

    • Hi Geraldine,

      Thanks for dropping by on

      Most of the frogs should face inside and only a few (may be 1 or 2) can face outside so that they bring money making opportunities to you. I’d suggest you to get help of a local feng shui consultant as these are very powerful tools.


  • Delvise Ngeaw

    Hi, if my toad is missing one of the ruby eyes, is it considered as “broken toad”? If yes, should i dispose it or keep it somewhere else?

    • Hi Delvise,

      Yes, that’s considered a broken. Please buy a new one.


  • Hi Ambar,

    The best combination is to place dragon and phoenix together.

    Putting a toad in aquarium can corrode the toad and the water in aquarium.


  • Hi Mandeep,

    Haven’t received house plan with the comment. Please resend that.


  • Yes, you can do that too!

  • Yes, carrying it with you is a good idea. The face of the toad should be as per feng shui rules..


  • Hi Mandeep,

    I can see that the master bedroom of the house is in the NW of the house. The master of the house should occupy the SW bedroom.
    Also, as per Vastu Shastra, the entrance of the house isn’t at the best location.

    You can read more about South facing house @
    and @

    Feel free to ask further questions.


    • Mandeep Khinda

      So wat is the solution or remedy i hv to perform???As v dnt hv any saving n watever my husband earns it all go aways in debt…

  • Thanks and have replied!

  • Hi Ashwin,

    Send me a layout of the house with North marked on it and I’ll be more than happy to help you.


  • Hi Richard,

    Since you’re working from home, it’s better to keep money frog in the home office. I can see that the DESK of your home office faces a wall. Try to arrange it such that there’s a solid wall behind you and open space ahead.


  • Hi,

    SE is related to wealth and North is related to job and career. Hence, if you want to make more money via job and enhancement in career, then put the frog in North.


  • Have replied!

  • Hi Ashwin,

    The wealth corner of the house is the SE corner. Also, North and SW are considered as secondary wealth corners. You can refer the article @ for more on tips to attract wealth.


  • Have replied!

  • You can go for the one available @


  • Hi Anne,

    Yes. Dispose off the old one and get a new one.


  • Ideally there’ll be only one leg towards the center at the back and two legs at the front.

  • Instead of putting money frog on the desk, it’ll be better to put it near the entrance of the house as per feng shui.

  • Hi Amrita,

    It should face towards the house or towards the room.


  • Hi,

    That’s not a feng shui toad and it won’t matter where it’s placed.

  • Hi,

    The toads should not face each other. Please refer what to do section of this very same article.


  • Hi Nancy,

    Try to not place the frog on the shoe rack. The facing seems fine.


  • Jason

    I’m a little confused here about the placement of the Money Frog.

    Why is the bedroom considered to be a place NOT to place the frog? What’s the reason for this? I’ve been reading up on this and the information always repeats the same thing to never place in bedroom; however, none of the information ever explain the WHY?

    Because I live in an apartment and my bedroom is my home office where I work at all the time.

    • Hi Jason,

      Office is to make money and bedroom is for relaxation; now both the activities have very different energies associated with them. The toad is a very high energy tool that helps to attract money and wealth. Keeping it in a bedroom may affect the sleep (a low energy activity). Usually that’s the reason it’s supposed not to be placed in bedroom. Hope I was able to clear your doubt.


  • You can make a small partition between office area and bed to demarcate the two places!

  • Hi Tal,

    I won’t say that there will surely be a bad affect but as per feng shui it’s always better to have unbroken items.


  • Hi Tal,

    The main entrance is the place from where the Qi energy enters the house. All other doors and windows are exit ways. Hence, it’s better to place the frog at the entrance. The ship of wealth must be place near the entrance facing inwards. Both can be kept near to each other.


  • Hi Malcolm,

    Please refer the articles at the following links.

    Bathroom Feng Shui @

    Colors @

    Wealth @


  • Ansilda Albin


  • Tracey Dawson

    Hello can you help. I have recently purchased a money frog which is on a shelf in the office ( home). It has 6 frogs on a wooden plinth and it starts of with two little ones facing inwards and two higher up facing inwards these with coins in their mouths then the two bigger ones at the top are facing inwards to with their mouths empty, I have managed to put one of the coins into their mouths but they are sharing the coin
    Does this matter that they are facing each other ? Or sharing coin ?
    Hope that makes sense

    • Hi Tracey,

      That seems to be good. I think it’ll be better to have individual coins for the frogs..


  • Hi,

    That should be ok


  • Yes you can.

  • Hi EZ,

    As far as my knowledge of feng shui is concerned, it should point towards you. Also, you can keep another toad on your work desk.


  • Hi Tal,

    For bamboo refer the article @

    To understand the relation between elements and directions and how to balance them refer the one @

    For feng shui coins the article is available @


  • placing it on a red lacquer is a good thing. you can keep it in SE or near the door itself. however, do get help of a feng shui consultant while placing feng shui tools.


  • Good. then try to remember oiling the frog..

  • You can place the toad at the entrance of the room or if you’re working on computer table (for earning) then place it there.


  • Yes, size does matter. If you’re using for home then smaller ones will do.
    Some of them come pre-activated so you may not need to activate them.
    Yes, it does help.


  • Here’s a video that’ll help you

  • Hi Vishal,

    Please send me a layout (with North marked) of the studio.


  • Hi,

    Generally it’s not advised to keep money frog in the bedroom. However, if there’s any confusion in mind then you can get help from a local feng shui consultant.


  • TV in East is good.

  • To activate: place it on a red paper or tie red cloth around it. If the toad has red jewels, then it’s already activated.

  • Other ones can be kept at or near the entrance.. any local feng shui expert will be happy to do that for you…

  • Have replied

  • Hi Debi,

    It’s not considered good; since we don’t keep anything that bring prosperity and especially money in to the house on the ground.


  • Yes, there’re a number of people and businesses that keep the toads that way. Get help from a local feng shui expert for exact placement according to your home.


  • Hi,

    What type of business? Is it a brick and mortar type like a shop or something or an online type i.e. via website?


  • Which side is North?

  • In that case you need to make the home office and your working desk as much feng shui compliant as possible..

  • So that means that North is at the top of the image. Correct?

  • Hi Anne,

    Send me a layout of the house with North marked; it’ll be easy for me to assess the house that way.


  • Dos-se Teh

    Hello, my money frog fell down and got chipped above the right eye. Is it considered broken, requiring replacement?

  • Keep the Ruby side up

  • get a new one

  • it’s better to get a brand new toad

  • That should be ok, I think

  • You can keep the coin as you can get another frog with no coin and use the older coin (if the coin isn’t chipped). you can ask the shop owner (usually knows feng shui) about the way of disposal (as different people and cultures differ in it)


  • Hi Chen,

    Send me an image of the toad (sounds interesting)


  • That’s a good thing. Red color enhances, hence keep it.

  • Good analysis Harsh Jain!

  • You’re Welcome!