Feng Shui Coins: Why & How You Need to Place Them!

Feng Shui Coins are one of the simplest to use tools. They’re – often – used to draw money and wealth. However, they work really well as protection and lucky charms too! Feng shui coins are known by various other names such as Chinese coins, Chinese lucky coins, Chinese good luck coins, lucky coins and many more to mention.

One of the best things about Chinese lucky coins is the simplicity. They’re just awesomely simple to use. Furthermore, you can use them at numerous places unlike other feng shui lucky or wealth charms (such as money frog or water fountain).

Let’s just have a look (in the next section of the article) at some of the places you can – and will usually – use feng shui coins to attract wealth and money towards you.

Feng Shui Coins Placement

Best Placements for Feng Shui Coins!

The first thing you need to do is to find the area in your home or office that’s directly related to “inflow” of money. Pay attention, I said inflow of money and not just money; here’s what I mean.

Suppose, you’re someone who’s working as an IT Consultant and most of your business has to do with your laptop (maybe some sort of software development). In this case, you can place (or paste) 3 feng shui coins – tied with red ribbon – with your laptop to get more – and obviously better and bigger – clients.

With that concept in mind let’s have a look at some common – and best places – you’d be placing feng shui coins.

Near the Phone:

If your business is more related to calling people and selling them something (such as a telemarketer) then placing feng shui coins near the phone or pasting coins on the phone itself is a very good idea.

In The Wallet:

Wow! Such a nice place to keep lucky coins; those will help attract more or what you’ve in your wallet. And that’s more money!

With Your Investment Records:

Want better returns from your investments? Why not place or paste some feng shui coins with (or on) the file.

Client Files:

If you’ve a client and want more business from them, then you should have a separate file for them with lucky coins tied to it.

The Cash Register:

Oh, the cash register! The bottom-line for shops and businesses. Can keeping a feng shui coin help make more sales? Sure it will! Place coins under the register and don’t forget the sides.

Financial Files:

Placing feng shui coins with all the financial files related to earnings will supercharge it; bringing in more & more of wealth.

Water Fountain:

If you’ve got a water fountain then there’s no way you can miss keeping feng shui coins in that. You must have feng shui coins in the fountain! Try placing 6 coins in the fountain. More on water fountain feng shui @ Water Fountain: Feng Shui’s Prosperity Power house.

Sitting Place:

Energize your sitting area; place feng shui coins under your chair. Let them do their magic while you do yours. Hang them on your cabin’s door. Attach them to your fax machines.

Give to Gain More:

The more you give the more you get! This law of karma works wonders even with Feng Shui Coins. Hence, don’t forget to gift someone a beautiful set of lucky coins and the universe will take care of the rest.

So, did you see how easy it is to place Feng Shui Coins and to start attracting wealth & money luck?

But there’re some rules you need to – and must – follow while placing feng shui coins. Those – really simple – rules are discussed in the next section of the article, so, just read on!

Feng Shui Rules Coins Placement

With all the above myriad of places you can keep feng shui coins, here’re some feng shui rules you need to keep in mind while placing them anywhere.

  1. At least 3 coins must be tied together with a red ribbon
  2. The place, where you’re keeping the coins, should be clean
  3. Make sure you access that place often (daily is better)
  4. Place the coins such that the Chinese symbols are facing upside (most coins will have symbols on one side and a dragon and phoenix on another)

And that’s it!

Weren’t those rules too simple? Yes, they’re and that’s the way it is!

You’re now ready to gift yourself a beautiful, wealth attracting set of feng shui coins.

But before you hop right out of your house to hunt for feng shui coins do read the next section of the article (may be you don’t need to go out!).

Where to Buy Feng Shui Coins From?

Why you need to get out of your home just to shop for feng shui coins.

You can buy em right here!

Below are some very good online vendors. Have a look at them.

Amazon US

Amazon India

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Amazon UK

Amazon Germany (DE)

Amazon Spain (ES)

Amazon France (FR)

Amazon Italy (IT)

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