Feng Shui Mirror Placement (Here’s How To Place Mirrors In Your Home)

A mirror is one of the easiest – yet extremely powerful – to use tools; but a mirror isn’t inherently auspicious; it’s the placement of the mirror that can – and really does – makes it auspicious or inauspicious. This is a – huge – reason why feng shui mirror placement is considered vital amongst all experts.

As per feng shui, mirror represents water element and Qi energy can be collected or pooled with water; this ability of a mirror makes it an awesome and extremely powerful abundance enhancing and prosperity attracting tool.

Here, I assume that you’re completely aware of concept of Qi energy; if – by any chance – you aren’t then please read the article @ feng shui – what, why & how.

So without any delay, let’s start learning what to do and what to avoid when it comes to feng shui mirror placement.

Feng Shui Mirror Placement

Feng Shui Mirror Placement – Why and How To Do It

As said earlier that a mirror is abundance enhancing and prosperity attracting tool, but it can – and really does – works perfectly in negative side too; it can – if placed incorrectly – destroy happiness, love, wealth and prosperity from anyone’s life.

Since a mirror has the ability to double-up whatever is in front, it can attract negative and positive energy with the same efficiency and influence. Hence, placing a mirror correctly is important and feng shui mirror placement does just that.

So, here are mirror placement tips (do’s and don’ts format)

Mirror Placement – What to Follow

  1. Go for square or rectangular shaped mirror (Available on Amazon US, INCA, UK, DE, ES, FR & IT); they are considered best.
  2. Place mirror, reflective glass items or showpieces it North or East side.
  3. Always hang mirrors at least 4-5 feet above the floor.
  4. Keep mirror and reflective glass objects clean at all times.
  5. Always make sure that mirror shows a clear picture or reflection of anyone standing in front.
  6. A mirror that reflects dining table symbolizes abundance of food and invites prosperity.
  7. If there’s a cut in any corner of your home then hang two mirrors such that they reflect towards the cut corner (this must be done by a feng shui expert).
  8. Reflect the beautiful landscape outside your window by placing a mirror opposite to that window. This brings in positive energy and harmony.
  9. Place a mirror in front of cash locker to increase wealth. More on attracting wealth @ feng shui wealth tips.
  10. If the main door or entrance of your home opens in a small foyer, then hang a mirror such that it virtually broadens the space. Just make sure not to place the mirror right in front of entrance as that’ll send any positive energy out of your home.
  11. If the cook – in kitchen – has his/her back towards kitchen door then place a mirror/reflective tiles/reflective item such that he/she can see the door of kitchen. Just make sure that gas stove/burner flames aren’t reflected in mirror/reflective tiles/reflective item. More about kitchen @ feng shui kitchen
  12. A square – sharped edged – pillar in a home is a huge feng shui defect; a simple remedy is to cover the pillar with mirrors; however, keep in mind that none of the mirrors reflect another mirror, a door, poison arrow, a TV screen or anything negative.
  13. Always hang mirror flat against the wall and not leaning forward.
  14. Make sure to cover the TV screen once the TV is off as the screen becomes a sort of mirror.

Mirror Placement – What to Avoid

  1. Don’t buy oval, round or other irregular shaped mirrors; until unless prescribed by an expert feng shui consultant.
  2. Avoid using unframed mirror.
  3. Avoid placing mirror on South wall. South is fire and mirror represents water.
  4. No mirror behind sofa or bed.
  5. Avoid mirror, reflective glass or any shiny item in front of house entrance as that’ll shoo away positive energy. Also ensure that the main door is feng shui compliant; know more about it @ how to make the main door feng shui compliant one.
  6. A mirror reflecting bed is a strict no.
  7. Avoid mirrors reflecting any door of home; i.e. while standing at any door you must not be able to see yourself in mirror.
  8. Avoid a mirror placement that reflects flames of gas stove/burner in kitchen. More on kitchen @ feng shui kitchen.
  9. Avoid mirrors that reflect clutter, dirty drains, dustbins, toilet seats, poison arrows, and sharp corners from furniture/walls or anything negative.
  10. Avoid hanging mirror at heights that shows the tallest member of home with head cut.
  11. Avoid keeping broken, rusted, soiled, dirty, unusable, antique mirrors at home.
  12. Avoid placing two mirrors facing each other; it causes displeasure and attracts distress.
  13. Never hang mirror in narrow passages or at hallway ends; it attracts negative energy.
  14. Avoid transparent glass window panes and doors; keep them translucent.
  15. Avoid a mirror in bedroom; however, if there’s one, then it mustn’t reflect any body part else that body part will develop medical trouble or a third person will enter your relationship. As a remedy, cover the mirror while lying on bed.
  16. Avoid mirror in bathroom; however, if you can’t, then never keep it in dark. You can have it on outside of bathroom doors.
  17. Kids lose concentration in studies if there’s a mirror near study table; hence avoid it.
  18. A mirror on West wall in kid’s bedroom keeps them busy in influencing opposite gender people; hence avoid this too.
  19. Avoid mirrors at staircase as they’ll cut either the head or feet. Staircases are very important part of a home and there’s a high degree of importance given to stairs in feng shui; you can – and must – read the article @ what feng shui says about stairs to make the staircase in your home a feng shui compliant one.
  20. Avoid mirrored tiles and ceilings as they’ll distort your image.

And that’s pretty much to it when it comes to feng shui mirror placement. Following above mentioned mirror placement tips will ensure that all the mirrors in your home or office are attracting and enhancing positive energy around you and your loved ones.

Furthermore, this’ll also ensure that you always have plenty and more of prosperity, abundance, wealth and happiness in your life.

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